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John Denver
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Two shots, John denver

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 22:29:23, -0500 From: MR KEN L REYNOLDS <> Subject: two_shots_by_john_denver album: Windsong song: Two Shots artist: John Denver transcribed: Ken Reynolds The following selection goes out to my friend Mike, back in Michigan. Two Shots John Denver (klr) I took [C] two [D] shots, got [C] no [G] ducks and [D7] cold, cold [G] hands [G] Last night while [D7] Mike and I were out [C] drinking [Am] Trying to [D7] have a good [G] time [G7] The [C] lady with whom I was [G] speaking [Em] [A7] Thought I was feeding her some old [D7] line When I [G] spoke of a [D7] cold winter^Òs [C] morning A [Am] duckblind and a [D7] river of [G] gray [G7] The [C] sound of the [Am] snow softly [G] falling [Em] When I [A7] thought I heard somebody [D7] say I took [C] two [D] shots, got [C] no [G] ducks And [D7] cold, cold [G] hands I could [G] tell by the [D7] gaze of my [C] comrades That [Am] I was the [D7] one who had [G] spoke [G7] Their [C] eyes held a message of [G] patience [Em] The [A7] thrill of the hunt and of [D7] hope But when [G] I spoke [D7] again how they [C] listened For the [Am] wisdom of [D7] what I might [G] say [G7] If the [C] good Lord had [Am] meant us to [G] shoot one [Em] He^Òd [A7] surely send more ducks our [D7] way I took [C] two [D] shots, got [C] no [G] ducks And [D7] cold, cold [G] hands (spoken) Well the [G] lady with [D7] whom I was [C] speaking She laughed [Am] lightly and she [D7] wandered [G] away [G7] My [C] heart like the snow in my [G] story [Em] Fell [A7] silent I^Òd hoped she would [D7] stay (sing) It^Òs so [G] nice to [D7] talk to some [C] body To find [Am] someone who^Òs [D7] willing to [G] share [G7] I [C] know that this [Am] life is worth [G] living [Em] But [A7] sometimes it just isn^Òt [D7] fair I took [C] two [D] shots, got [C] no [G] ducks And [D7] cold, cold [G] hands I took [C] two [D] shots, got [C] no [G] ducks And [D7] cold, cold [C] hands [G] - [Am7] - [G] I hope you all enjoyed that goody, I know I do. For music tape trading oppurtunities contact me at ( ) Ken Reynolds

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The Great Songs Of John Denver
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tablature two shots john denver

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