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John Denver
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Format : Stonehaven sunset, John denver
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Stonehaven sunset, John denver

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From: MR KEN L REYNOLDS <> To: <> <> <> Date: Wednesday, May 13, 1998 1:45 PM Subject: d/denver_john/stonehaven_sunset album: Flower That Shattered The Stone song: Stonehaven Sunset artist: John Denver transcribed: Ken Reynolds Enjoy the following selection. Stonehaven Sunset John Denver (klr) [G] - [D] x4 [G] Stonehaven [D] Sunset the [G] waters on [D] fire My [G] true love is [Am] singing, we [G] kiss and con [D] spire Sing a [G] song for the [D] ocean a [G] song for the [D] sky A [G] song for to [Am] morrow love [G] sweet by and [D] by For the [C] child who is [D] coming and for [G] dreams that come [C] true Sing a [G] song for each [Am] other for [G] me and for [D] you Sing a [C] song for all [D] lovers all the [G] stars in the [C] skies Sing of [G] Stonehaven [Am] water home, Stone [D] haven Sun [G] rise [G] - [D] x4 [G] Stonehaven [D] Sunset the [G] deserts on [D] fire [G] Christ on the [Am] cross again [G] burns with [D] desire They are [G] shooting at [D] random though they [G] aim at us [D] all Itâs the [G] children who [Am] rise up and [G] children who [D] fall All the [C] angels are [D] weeping the [G] sweetest of [C] tears Fall like [G] rivers of [Am] mercy to [G] wash all our [D] tears Sing a [C] song for Old [D] Glory and a [G] future that [C] dies Sing of [G] Stonehave [Am] desert Home, Stone [D] haven Sun [G] rise [G] - [D] x4 [G] Stonehaven [D] Sunset the [G] citys on [D] fire The [G] soldiers just [Am] smile and say [G] this gunâs for [D] hire [G] Give in to the [D] beast boy, [G] give in to the [D] thrill Itâs [G] just human [Am] nature to [G] hunt and to [D] kill We [C] all die to [D] gether and [G] yet somehow [C] alone Just to [G] gether we have [Am] memories [G] and many are [D] gone Singing [C] songs for old [D] soldiers a [G] chorus of [C] sighs Sing of [G] Stonehavenâs [Am] city home, Stone [D] haven Sun [G] rise [G] - [D] x4 [G] Stonehaven [D] Sunset the [G] mountains on [D] fire My [G] spirit is [Am] lifted, risisng [G] higher and [D] higher All the [G] prohpets are [D] laughing they [G] say we told you [D] so Itâs [G] one thing to play [Am] guessing games, [G] another to [D] know For the [C] needs of [D] many are the [G] sins of a [C] few And the [G] day is forth [Am] coming when [G] accounting is [D] due Sing a [C] song for sweet [D] justice with a [G] fire in her [C] eyes Sing of [G] Stonehaven [Am] mountain home, Stone [D] haven Sun [G] rise [G] - [D] x4 repeat 1st verse I have a wide variety of popular artist and venues for audio tape trading. Contact me at < > and I will e-mail my list to you. Ken Reynolds

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stonehaven sunset

Album : The Flower That Shattered the Stone

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tablature stonehaven sunset john denver

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