Tablature me and my uncle

John Denver
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Format : Me and my uncle, John denver
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Me and my uncle, John denver

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 17:29:12, -0500 From: MR KEN L REYNOLDS <> Subject: me_and_my_uncle_john_denver album: Wildlife Concert song: Me and My Uncle written by: John Phillips additional lyrics: John Denver performed by: John Denver transcribed by: Ken Reynolds Enjoy the following selection from John Denver's "Wildlife Concert" Me and My Uncle John Phillips/John Denver (klr) [Am] Me and my Uncle went a ridin down >From Colo [C] rado, West Texas [E] bound We stopped [Am] over in Sante Fe, Part it [C] being about half [E] way [Am] Besides it was the [E] hottest part of the [Am] day [Am] We led our ponies into the stall Went to a [C] bar boys bought drinks for [E] all Two days in the [Am] saddle, my body hurt It being [C] summer, I took off my [E] shirt And [Am] tried to wash off [E] some of that dusty [Am] dirt [Am] West Texas cowboys all over town With gold and [C] silver, they're loaded [E] down Just in from [Am] round up you know it seemed a shame So my [C] Uncle starts a friendly [E] game A [Am] hollow jack the [E] winner takes the [Am] gain [Am] From the beginning my Uncle started to win Them Texas [C] cowboys they was as mad as [E] sin Some said he's [Am] cheatin', ah but that can't be Because my [C] Uncle, he's as honest as [E] me And [Am] I'm about as honest as a [E] Denver man can [Am] be [Am] One of them cowboys you know he started to draw I grabbed a [C] bottle, slapped him on the [E] jaw I had to shoot [Am] another, now he won't grow old In the [C] confusion, my Uncle grabbed the [E] gold And [Am] we hightailed it [E] down to Mexi [Am]co ...Mexico...way down to Mexico instrumental verse [Am] God bless cowboys, God bless gold God bless my [C] Uncle, God rest his [E] soul He taught me [Am] well Lord, taught me all I know Taught me so [C] well, that I grabbed the [E] gold [Am] Left him lying [E] there by the side of the [Am] road I hope you all enjoyed that on. Ken Reynolds Music trading opportunities contact ( ) for trade list.

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tablature me and my uncle john denver

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