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John Coltrane
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Format : Giant steps, John coltrane
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Giant steps, John coltrane

From: parker_b%aplvax.span@Fedex.Msfc.Nasa.Gov Here's a chord-melody arrangement of the head to ``Giant Steps'' by John Coltrane. Most of the chord voicings have been opened to mostly fourth, tritone, and fifth intervals (so-called ``quartal harmony''), giving a very nice ambiguous sound. These voicings are easy to finger on the guitar and sound good. I give the chord names in two forms: a name for a simple ``closed'' voicing, (top) and a name for the more open or extended voicing (bottom). Giant Steps by John Coltrane harm. by Bo Parker ( Bmaj7 D7 Gmaj7 Bb7 Ebmaj7 Am7 D7 B6/9 D6/9 Gmaj7 Bb13 Eb6/9 Am9 D6/9 E--14---10----7----------6-------7----5--- B--14---10----7-----8----6-------5----5--- G--13----9----7-----7----5-------5----4--- D--13----9----5-----6----5-------5----4--- A----------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------- Gmaj7 Bb7 Ebmaj7 F#7 Bmaj7 Fm7 Bb7 G6/9 Bb6/9 Ebmaj7 F#13 B6/9 Fm9 Bb9 E--10----6-----3-----------2------3----1-- B--10----6-----3------4----2------1----1-- G---9----5-----3------3----1------1----1-- D---9----5-----1------2----1------1----0-- A----------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------- Ebmaj7 Am7 D7 Gmaj7 C#m7 F#7 Bmaj7 Eb6/9 Am9 D6/9 G6/9 C#m9 F#9 B6/9 E--6------7---5----10----11---9-----14--- B--6------5---5----10-----9---9-----14--- G--5------5---4-----9-----9---9-----13--- D--5------5---4-----9-----9---8-----13--- A---------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------- Fm7 Bb7 Ebmaj7 C#m7 F#7 Fm9 Bb13b9 Eb6/9 C#m11 F#13 repeat from beginning E--15---15-----18-----14----14--- B--13---12-----18-----16----16--- G--13---13-----17-----16----15--- D--13---12-----17-----14----14--- A-------------------------------- E-------------------------------- To tie in with the discussion of picking technique, I pick these as block chords using either all four fingers or the first three fingers (no thumb, no arpeggiation). When I pick stuff like this, I do not anchor my right hand at all, and I play over the sound hole. I can't really solo over these changes(!), but it's fun just to play the head. Enjoy From: (spideir) GIANT STEPS (John Coltrane): melody chords to "Head" chorus --guitar arrangement: tcg, 1987 --4/4 // BM // Allegro (pretty quick) --head so "jagged" and wide in its range, melody at times had to be transposed up/down an octave. . . . --fingerstyle or pick-&-3-fingers easiest; plectrum strums'll work if yu' deaden "x" strings with sides of adjacent fingers. . . . --note durations: / quarter note /- eighth note /-. dotted eighth /= sixteenth note /_/_/_/ tied notes [hey, _I_ understand it!--I think. . . .] BM7 D7 GM7 Bb[7/]6 Eb[M7] Am9 D9 x_x___ x____x _x__xx x__oxx _x__xx xx____ xx____ 2 |o|||o 3 ||||o| 3 o||||| 1 |o|||| 1 ||o||| 5 ||ooo| 4 ||o||| |||o|| ||o||| ||oo|| |||||| |||||| |||||| |||ooo ||||o| |o|o|| |||||| ||o||| o||o|| |||||o |||||| / / / /-. /=_/_/ / / GM7 Bb7/6 EbM7 F#7/6 BM7 Fm9 Bb7 x_x___ xx____ x____x x____x x_x___ x____x x____x 10 |o|||o 6 ||o||o 6 |o|||| 2 ||o||| 2 |o|||o 6 ||o||| 6 ||o|o| |||o|| |||o|| |||o|| |||o|| |||o|| |||||| |||o|| ||||o| ||||o| ||o|o| |o||o| ||||o| |o|oo| |o|||| / / / /-. /=_/_/ / /-. EbM7 Am9 D9 GM7 C#m9 F#7/6 x_x___ xx____ xx____ x_x___ x____x x____x 6 |o|||o 5 ||ooo| 4 ||o||| 10 |o|||o 2 ||o||| 2 ||o||| |||o|| |||||| |||ooo |||o|| |||||| |||o|| ||||o| |||||o |||||| ||||o| |o|oo| |o||o| /=_/_/ / /-. /=_/_/ / /-. BM7 Fm9 Bb7/6 EbM7 F#7/6 x_x___ x____x xx____ x_x___ x____x 2 |o|||o 6 ||o||| 6 ||o||| 6 |o|||o 2 ||o||o |||o|| |||||| |||o|| |||o|| |||o|| D.C. ||||o| |o|oo| |o||o| ||||o| ||||o| /=_/_/ / /-. /=_/_/ / / *===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===* | Thomas C. Gannon | | U of SoDak (Vermillion) | * ------------------------------- _-^-_ ------------------------------- * | "--If I decide to practice a / o )= slight movement from right | * to left . . . or from left { /===} to right . . . it's * | nobody's business but my (=o=/ own." (_A_Day_for_Eeyore_) | *===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===* ^-_=^ *===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*

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giant steps

Album : Giant Steps

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A Love Supreme
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