Tablature cowboy in the jungle

Jimmy Buffett
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Format : Cowboy in the jungle, Jimmy buffett
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Cowboy in the jungle, Jimmy buffett

#@CHORDS: Mike A. Hall (mhall@moe.coe.uga.edu) {t:Cowboy in the Jungle} {st:Jimmy Buffett} #1978 There's a[G] cowboy in the jungle And he[Am] looks so out of place With his[D] shrimpskin boots and his cheap cheroots And his [C]skin as [D]white as [G]paste [G]Headin' south to Paraguay Where the [Am]Gauchos sing and shout Now he's stuck in Porto Bello Since his [C]money all [D]ran out[G] So he hangs out with the sailors Night and day they're raisin' hell And his original destination's just another Story that he loves to tell With no plans for the future He still seems in control From a bronco ride to a ten foot tide He just had to learn to roll {c:Chorus:} [G] [C]Roll [D]with the [G]punches [C]Play all [D]of his [G]hunches [C] Make the best of whatever came his [D]way What [C]he lacked [D]in ambi[G]tion He made [C]up with [D]in-[Em]tuition [C] Plowing straight a[D]head come what [G]may Steel band in the distance And their music floats across the bay While American women in moomoos Talk about all the things they did today And their husbands quack about fishing As they slug those rum drinks down Discussing who caught what and who sat on his butt But it's the only show in town {c:Chorus:} They're tryin' to drink all the punches They all may lose their lunches Tryin' to cram lost years into five or six days Seems that blind ambition erased their intuition Plowin' straight ahead come what may {c:Refrain:} But [Am]I don't want to [C]live on that kind of is[G]land No I[Am] don't want to [C]swim in a roped off [G]sea Too much for [Em]me, too much for[A7] me I've [C]got to be where the [D]wind and the water are [G]free Alone on a midnight passage I can count the falling stars While the Southern Cross and the satellites They remind me of where we are Spinning around in circles Living it day to day And still twenty four hours may be sixty good years It's still not that long a stay {c:Chorus:} We've gotta roll with the punches Learn to play all of our hunches Makin' the best of whatever comes your way Forget that blind ambition And learn to trust your intuition Plowin' straight ahead come what may And there's a [D]cowboy [C]in the [G]jungle

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tablature cowboy in the jungle jimmy buffett

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