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Jimmy Buffett
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Format : Ballad of spider john, Jimmy buffett
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Ballad of spider john, Jimmy buffett

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Received: from animal-farm.nevada.edu by redrock.nevada.edu (5.65c/M1.4) with SMTP id <AA28816> Thu, 25 Mar 1993 13:45:05 -0800 Received: from moe.coe.uga.edu by animal-farm.nevada.edu id <AA03451@animal-farm.nevada.edu> Thu, 25 Mar 1993 13:45:03 -0800 Received: by moe.coe.uga.edu (4.1/25-eef) id AA18925; Thu, 25 Mar 93 16:45:01 EST From: Mike Hall <mhall@moe.coe.uga.edu> Message-Id: <9303252145.AA18925@moe.coe.uga.edu> Subject: song - "BalladOfSpiderJohn.crd" - Jimmy_Buffett To: jamesb@animal-farm.nevada.edu Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 16:45:01 EST X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.3 PL11] The Ballad of Spider John ========================= By Jimmy Buffett Intro: Am (pulloff w/ index finger) 1) Am C "Spider John" is my name friend, D Am I'm in between freights and I sure would be obliged C G if you'd share your company. Am C I know this may sound strange to you, D Am but if you wait till the song is sung and the story is told, C G you might come to understand. Am C D G Oh, I'm old and bent and Devil sent; runnin' out of time. Am C D When I long ago held a Royal Flush in my hand... (Chorus:) Em Oh, I was a Supermarket fool, A7 Em A7 I was a motor bank stool-pidgeon, robbin' my hometown. Em A7 I thought I lost my blues, yes I thought I paid my dues, F C G I thought I'd found a life to suit my style. G F But here I sit old Spider John the robber-man, C Am long, tall, and handsome. G F C Am Yes, old Spider John with a loaded hand, takin' ransom. 2) Then one day I met Diamond Lill. She was the sweetest thing, I declare, that the summer breeze had ever blown my way. (yea) But Lilly she had no idea, of my illustrious occupation, she thought I was a saint, not a sinner, gone astray. (yea) But you see that word got around and Lilly left town, I never saw her again. Tossin' and turnin', 'causin' my heart to grieve... (repeat chorus) 3) That is all my story; It's been these thirty years since I took the road, to find my precious jewel one. And if you see my Lilly, won't you give her my regards? Tell her old Spider got tangled in the black web that he spun. You can tell her old Spider got tangled the black web that he spun. ----------------------------------------------------------------- [This song is not published (to my knowledge). This is my own chord arrangement and therefore may contain errors for which I apologize in advance.] ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Mike A. Hall // "If I don't die by Thursday, // // mhall@moe.coe.uga.edu // I'll be roarin' Friday night." // // // --J.Buffett // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 

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tablature ballad of spider john jimmy buffett

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