Tablature moonlight and skies

Jimmie Rodgers
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Format : Moonlight and skies, Jimmie rodgers
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Moonlight and skies, Jimmie rodgers

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 2/14/98; 9:39:12 PM From: ah827@rgfn.epcc.Edu (Gene L. Graham) Subject: MOONLIGHT AND SKIES MOONLIGHT AND SKIES Recorded by Jimmie Rodgers Writer: Jimmie Rodgers 1/Oh, [D] come hear my stor-[D7]y, of [G] heartaches and [D] sighs I'm a pris'ner who's lonely, for my Moonlight And [A7] Skies [D] I have a sweetheart, who's [G] waiting for me Back in old Okla-[D]homa, not [A7] far from Shaw-[D]nee. 2/Her lips like the [G] cherries, her little heart [D] cries Daddy, please come [A7] back, to your moonlight and [D] Skies My pal's name was [G] Blackie, a lad with true [D] heart A robb'ry we [A7] planned, so decided to [D] start. 3/I went to my [G] darling, with tears in her [D] eyes She said, daddy don't [A7] leave me, your Moonlight And [D] Skies I laughed at her [G] pleading, youth must have its' [D] way And said I'll be ...[A7] back, in a couple of [D] days. INSTRUMENTAL NOTES TO YODEL: D/A7/D 4/[D] The next scene was [D7] fatal, with a [G] shot thru his [D] heart For Blackie died sending love to his sweet-[A7]heart Go [D] tell her, go tell her, [G] I've sinned, my love I'll meet her in [D] heaven, with the [A7] angels a-[D]bove. 5/That night I was [G] captured, out under the [D] stars Now I have last('d) an' [A7] lingered, behind these iron [D] bars You'll find me at my [G] window, as the day slowly [D] dies I am dreaming of my [A7] darling and my Moonlight And [D] Skies. 6/A pale Moon is [G] shining, is shining so [D] bright And lovers are [A7] strolling, by my window to-[D]night Their laughter so [G] merry, brings heartaches and [D] sighs To a pris'ner who's [A7] lonely, for the Moonlight And [D] Skies. TAG: ([D] Half a yodel inst., then) For [A7] Moonlight And [D] Skies. Note. 1st and 4th verses have different chord sturcture. SOURCE: THE LEGENDARY JIMMIE RODGERS-VOL. 1/1974 RCA DPL 2-0075(e)

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tablature moonlight and skies jimmie rodgers

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