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Jeff Buckley
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Format : Mojo pin, Jeff buckley
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Mojo pin, Jeff buckley

*Introduction: E--------------3-------------3--------------0------------------- B-------1-------------1--------------1-------------1-----3^1---- G----------2-------------2--------------2-------------2--------- D-------------------------------------------------------------- A---3--------------3-------------0--------------0----------------- D-----------X (2nd fret muted with thumb)-------------------- The "^" symbol denotes a pull-off (I use the 4th finger here). (Sometimes I think Jeff alternates the first part with E-----------------3-------------3------------------ B---------1--------------1------------------ G-------------0-------------0--------------------- D------------------------------------------------- A-----3--------------3---------------------------- D-----------X-------------------------------------- but I'm not prepared to put money on this.....) Then this part ends with a sweeping D chord, strummed from the top string down to the bottom D: E-----------------5------------------- B-----------------3------------------- G-----------------2-------------------- D-----------------0------------------- A-----------------0------------------- D-----------------0------------------- Then what I'll call the "next bit" (the "don't wanna weep..." stuff) -- play the first chord from the top-E down to the bottom F: E-----0----X------X------X----X-----X--------------- B-----0----1------0------1----0-----1------------ G-----2----2------2------2----2-----2---------- D-----3----0------3------0----3-----0---------- A-----3----0------3------0----3-----0---------- D-----3----0------3------0----3-----0--------- Astute listeners will note that Jeff throws in some little transitional chords and things. Some of them I'll ignore except for a couple of key things I list at the end. Then the "rhythms fall slow.../black beauty..." bit: E-----X-----X----X---2------2------2--------X-----X-----X----X--- B-----3-----1----3-----3------3------3------1-----3-----1----3--- G-----4-----2----0-------0-------0-----0----2-----4-----2----2--- D-----0-----0----0--------------------------0-----0-----0----0-- A----------------------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------------------ Those descending 2/3/0 bits come pretty quickly on the heels of the preceding chord, and at first you may be only able to hear the 2nd two. But there are 3, trust me. Now the song repeats from the start, so just follow the tab again. (But see the embellishments below.) Then after the 2nd run, we go into the "dramatic bit" as follows, starting with the final chord of the "black beauty" bit (you can provide the da-da-da-dum rhythm): E------X---X---X---X---X---X----X---X------ ----------X---------- B------1---3---6--10---1---3----6---9------ -------10------- G------2---4---7--11---2---4----7--10----- --------11------- D------0---0---0---0---0---0----0---0------ -------0---------- A------------------------------------------ ------0--------- D------------------------------------------ -------0--------- then repeat, except instead of the final chord shown above in the left tab (X/9/10/0), put in a nice open D chord as shown, and let it hang. You now have all the basic parts of the song, and can put them together at your own leisure. Enjoy. But I will include some of the embellishments Jeff plays during the "white horses flow/memories fire" section, as they are fun, and they vary each time. This is what is played in the 1st run through: E------------X------------X------------------------------- B------------3-----1>3----0-------------------------------- G------------2-----2>4----2------------------------------- D------------0------------3---------------------------- A------------0------------3------------------------------- D------------0------------3---------------------------------- where ">" denotes a slide (some of the slides are just "slid", some are picked as well...let your ear be your guide). In the 2nd run through, what happens is: E-------X----3>5-----X---------------X---X---X-----X--------- B-------3----1>3-----0---------------3---3---1-----3-------- etc. G-------2----2>4-----2---------------2---4---2-----0-------- D-------0------------3----3>7>0----------0---0-----0---------- A-------0------------3----3>7>0-------------------------------- D-------0------------3----3>7>0----------------------------- In the 3rd run through, the whole thing gets pounded out pretty hard, and then in the "Blaaaaacckk beaauuttyy IIIIII love you soooooooo" bit, try something like: E---------X-----X----X----14---------14----------14-------14-------- B---------3-----3----1--------13---------13---------13-------13--- G---------2-----4----2------------14--------14--------14-------14- D---------0-----0-------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------------------ D--------------------------0------------------------------------- It's not exact but hey (so sue me.....). OK, now it's in your hands.

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