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Jeff Buckley
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Format : Dream brother, Jeff buckley
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Dream brother, Jeff buckley

"Dream Brother" Jeff Buckley Fm7 G There is a child sleeping near his twin Fm7 G The pictures go wild in a rush of wind Fm7 G That dark angel he is shuffling in Bb Cm Watching over them with his black feather wings unfurled Fm7 G Fm7 G Fm7 G The love you lost with her skin so fair Fm7 G Is free with the wind in her butterscotch hair Fm7 G Her green eyes bloom goodbyes Bb With her head in her hands Cm Fm7 G and your kiss on the lips of another Bb Cm Fm7 G Dream Brother with your tears scattered round the world. Gm7 Cm Don't be like the one who made me so old D7 Eb Don't be like the one who left behind his name Bb Cm 'Cause they're waiting for you like I waited for mine D7 Eb Fm7 G (repeat) And nobody ever came... (Break) Cm F/F F/G Cm F/F F/G C major F/F F/G C major F/F F/G Fm7 G I feel afraid and I call your name Fm7 G I love your voice and your dance insane Fm7 G I hear your words and I know your pain Bb Cm Fm7 G Your head in your hands and her kiss on the lips of another Bb Your eyes to the ground Cm Fm7 G and the world spinning round forever Bb Cm Fm7 G Asleep in the sand with the ocean washing over... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dream Brother" Tab This is based on the studio version. I'll do it, as usual, in sections. It's in (sigh of relief) standard tuning. And remember, ">" means slide, OK. (Just to avoid confusion, I don't mean use a slide like as in Last Goodbye; just slide your fingers between the frets indicated.) * The Introduction/Verse [Each of these segments represents 2 bars of music.] E---------------------------------------------------- B--4---4--3---3---3--1---1--0--1--3---3-------------- G----0------0---0------0------------0---------------- D---------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------1-------------- B--4---4--3---3---3--1---1--0--1--3------------------ G----0------0---0------0------------0---------------- D---------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------- E------1------------------------------1-------------- B--4------3---3---3--1---1--0--1--3------------------ G----0------0---0------0------------0---------------- D---------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------- E------1----------------------------1--3------------- B--4------3---3---3--1---1--0--1--3------------------ G----0------0---0------0----------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------- This goes on in similar fashion underneath the vocals. *The ascending chord bit ("Don't be like the one....") -- play each of these chords for one bar (8 times in every bar; it's pretty easy timing). E---3----5----5----X--------------------------------- B---3----4----7----8--------------------------------- G---3----5----7----8--------------------------------- D---3----5----7----8--------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------- * The Climactic Middle Instrumental Bit (Yes, pedants, I know that something climactic usually comes at the end, but Dream Brother ends anti-climactically and so I'm reserving the right to call the middle bit climactic!) E------3-----3---3-----3-----------|---------------------- B--4-----4-----4---4---------------|---------------------- G----0-----0---------0-------0--0--|---0---0-------------- D----------------------------3--3--|---3---5-------------- A----------------------------3--3--|---3---5-------------- E----------------------------1--1--|---1---3-------------- E-----------3-----3---3-----5-----------|------------ B-1--3--4-----4-----4---4---------------|------------ G---------0-----0---------0-------0--0--|---0---0---- D---------------------------------3--3--|---3---5---- A---------------------------------3--3--|---3---5---- E---------------------------------1--1--|---1---3---- E----7-(played 12 times!)----|----------------------------------- B----5-----------------------|----------------------------------- G----5------------------0--0-|--0---0---------------------------- D----5------------------3--3-|--3---5--5>7-7>9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9>7- A-----------------------3--3-|--3---5---------------------------- E-----------------------1--1-|--1---3--3>5-5>7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7>5-- [Two things to note in the above bit. First, at the beginning of that 2nd bar, another guitar hits the A on the 2nd fret of the 3rd string, bends it up a tone and plays the "return" i.e. the down-bend. Second, I hope I've counted out the right number of "B" notes in that last little bit but I'd advise you to count it out yourselves!] E----7-(played 12 times)-----|------3---5---5---X---------- B----5-----------------------|------3---4---7---8---------- G----5------------------0--0-|--0---3---5---7---8---------- D----5------------------3--3-|--3---5---5---7---8---------- A-----------------------3--3-|--3---5---------------------- E-----------------------1--1-|--1---3---------------------- ...and basically back into the "Don't be like..." stuff, then back into the intro arpeggio. And then you're basically done.

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