Tablature walking dead

The Insyderz
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Format : Walking dead, The insyderz
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Walking dead, The insyderz

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # "Walking Dead" The Insyderz Beat Motel Records Intro long bass intro with a distorted guitar play D every once in a while then comes into the song with is D-A-C-G through out the whole thing I didn’t write the chords in the proper number of times due to laziness just ad-lib it Chorus- e|----------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------| G|---7--7- 7---7--------------------------------------| D|---7--7- 7---7-------7-7---7-7---10-10--10---5-5--5-| A|---5--5--5-- 5-------7-7---7-7---10-10--10---5-5--5-| E|---------------------5-5---5-5----8--8---8---3-3--3-| Verse- clean guitar- to get the right sound mute when you strum down, and play on the up strum e|------------5-5-5-5--8--8--8-------3-3-3--3--------| B|------------5-5-5-5--8--8--8-------3-3-3--3--------| G|--7-7-7-7---6-6-6-6--9--9--9--9----4-4-4--4--------| D|--7-7-7-7---7-7-7-7-10-10-10-10----5-5-5--5--------| A|--5-5-5-5---7-7-7-7-10-10-10-10----5-5-5--5--------| E|------------5-5-5-5--8--8--8-------3-3-3--3--------| that’s pretty much how the song goes have fun Eric Benedict visit my band Lunar Fish on the web at lyrics verse1: you smoke your dope and you snif your coke mess around like your life's a joke you need relief and you need it fast quick highs, man, they won't last you say being different is being cool every day i see the same in school hay man can you bum me a red? shulda i never got out of bed chores: everything looks the same we're all just playing a game wonder why your life seems lame what you need is jesus name 2x verse2: you say your life is a big mistake that's one thing god doesn't make feeling low, feeling down it won't happen if god's around i can see the emptiness in your eyes your lack and wont of christ is no disguise on life's struggles you lise your nerve choose thes day whom you will serve chores: veres3: you smoke your dope and you sniff your coke mess around like your life's a joke you need relief and you need it fast quick highs, man, they won't last i can see the emptiness in your eyes your lack and want of christ is no desguise in life's struggles you lose your nerve choose this day whom you will serve chores: lyrics provided by dereck perkins

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walking dead

Album : Motor City Ska

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tablature walking dead the insyderz

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