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Country Licks

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Newsgroups: Path:!!!!!jobone!!!!swrinde!pipex!sunic!seunet!seunet!!garion!a18!!ssbpany From: (Anders Bergdahl) Subject: Country licks Message-ID: <> Sender: Organization: Sweden Post, PSab X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.1 PL6] Date: Tue, 13 Dec 1994 10:48:17 GMT Lines: 117 Somone reqestd country lick so here are some. I don't know if they could be considerd to be "standard" but i enjoy them. Mail me if you got Q's and please post your'e own favorite licks. Rhythm in E , Travis style count: E 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & Same pattern in A e--------------------- e---------------0-------------- B------0---------0---- B-----2----0h2----------------- G------------0h1------ G------------------------------ D------2-------2------ D-----2------2----------------- A--------------------- A--0--------------------------- E--0-------0---------- E-------0---------------------- RH 3 3 2 p p p p G-run (Play fast but accurate) 3rd finger picks G-string pick on the rest e------------------------------------------------------------------------ B------------------------------------------------------------------------ G-----------------0-3s2s0---0--0----------------------------------------- D------------0-2----------3----0----------------------------------------- A------0-1-2------------------------------------------------------------- E----3-------------------------3----------------------------------------- rihgt hand fingring 3rd 2nd p ending in A Damp with righthand palm directly after bend go for a snappy sound( chicki'n pickin'n e-------------9-----5---------------------------------------------------- B-----8b(10)===(10)===(10)r8---------8---5------------5-----2------------ G-------------------------------7b(9)-(9)--(9)r7-4b(6)--(6)---(6)r4--2=== D------------------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------------ rh 2nd 2nd p p p This is a little lick i G in Jerry Donahue style. First pick G on the D-string bend up a whole step with your 3rd finger (you have to bend the string downwards toward the floor) and catch the G-string release the D-string bend and at the same time bend up the G-string a whole step, keep both strings ringi n, pick the notes om the B-string with third finger , snappy and fast. e------------------------------- B------------------6-4-3-------- G-----------5b(7)=======-------- D-----5b(7)==r(5O=======-------- A------------------------------- E------------------------------- Let ring through out I use pick for the D-string and my second and third finger for G and B strings. (Tele style picki n) Heres a nice ending lick in the style off Jerry Donahue. This is another lick in which you bend and catch, in this case the G-string up a whole step catch the B-string bend it up a half step, at the same time release the G-string . Then put yuor 1st finger(lefthand) on 7th fret A-string pick it and then bend behind nut with right hand bringing it up to the root (G)- Let all notes ring as long as possible and use pick for D-string and fingers for the others(some time i use the pick on the other strings to, whatever works is good). Finger all notes on the 5th fret with your first finger, use half bare, and i use the 3rd finger for everything on the 7th fret but you may also use the pinky for the last note on the e-string. G e------------------------------7====================----- B--------------------7-b-(8)========================----- G------5-h 7 b (9)=====r-(7)========================----- D----5==========================------------------------- A--------------------------------7b(behind nut)-(10)----- E-------------------------------------------------------- You could use slides to play this licks, looks like this. G e------------------------------7====================----- B--------------------7-/-8==========================----- G------5-h-7-/--9============---------------------------- D----5=====---------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------7-/-10===========------- E-------------------------------------------------------- rh The glissando version sound simular to the bent one, a player like James Burton would probably use the slide lick. Use right hand hammer for the A-string. Try to let notes bleed into eadh other. Listen to James and Jerry. Since there are people intrested in stringbenders, hipshot, parsons white, here s a Nashville styled pedal steel lick for B-bender guitar. Csus4 C e---3==================--6-5 3------------------------------------------- B---3-b(with bender)-(5)=======------------------------------------------ G---5==========================------------------------------------------ D------------------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------------ G string with pick e and B w fingers, the last three notes on the e string are playd "snappy". Moving the lick up two frets gives you an D lick. Try playi'n the lick in diffrent positions. For exampel play in G, F, and C SWIFTLY after each other gives a nice pedal steel E9 tuning sound. | ____ ___ | < ERRARE HUMANUM EST > | ( ) | ) | | )--( |--( | Guitars : 52 reissue tele with hipshot(b,g) | ( )nders |___)ergdahl | JD Telecaster | | Playingstyle : ??? | Email | |________________________________| ======================================================== Country licks, de Info ========================================================

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