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Ian Moore
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Format : Lie, Ian moore
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Lie, Ian moore

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 16:27:52 -0500 From: The Jazz Penguin <> Subject: m/moore_ian/lie.crd Aritst: Ian Moore Song: Lie Album: Modernday Folklore copyright 1995 on Capricorn Records Transcribed and submitted by THE GROOVE DOG Thanks for the response to "Bar Line 99". Here's an unsung tune of Ian's that I really like. I'll try to get "Muddy Jesus" out when I get one of the riffs down. But anyway, enjoy and tell others about Ian Moore. Lie - Ian Moore well distorted, but soft and with a fast chorus on the verses. during the verses, pick out the three notes of the power chords (D, D#, and E) as you go. (n/c) means no chord is played here. the intro, fills, and solo are all in the basic Em pentatonic scale (at bottom) and i encourage you to learn ian's stuff, but improvise on it. D D# E Morning feels like a drag D D# E When you're all messed up D D# E D D# E Ain't got nobody to pick you up D D# E D D# E And the phone don't ring like it used to do D D# E All those you thought your friends D D# E well they turned on you B B B Like a stone you've thrown your life to turns A E (on the low E string) of fancy and of flight A E It's a liiiiiiiie. D D# E It's a lie. D D# E So you believe what they say D D# E With all their guilded praise D D# E You string up your accolades D D# E They string up your viens D D# E They like to push you up D D# E But they won't let you go D D# E They keep a tight keep a tight hold on you D D# E Just to let you know B B B That they'll always be your lover A E (low string) And you'll never know the crime A E It's a liiiiiiiiie (n/c) Break me down to blood and grit A E It's a liiiiiiiiie (n/c) Monkey blood and jinkie spit A E It's a liiiiiiiiie (n/c) Elevate my pedestal A E It's a liiiiiiiiie (FILL) G G# A A# B C C# D D D E E Touch me baby - does anybody want me D D E E Feel me baby - I still got that same old feeling bruning inside D D E E Her me now - does anybody hear me D D E (hold) Remember me - remember me (solo over main D-D#-E riff) B B B And you think back to the time A E When you could never ever get too high A E It's a liiiiiiiiie (n/c) Break me down to blood and grit A E It's a liiiiiiiiie (n/c) Monkey blood and jinkie spit A E It's a liiiiiiiiie (n/c) Elevate my pedestal D D# E I wanna take you higher... D D# E I wanna take you higher... E minor pentatonic (in tab) e--------------------------------------------12--15------ B------------------------------------12--15-------------- G----------------------------12--14---------------------- D--------------------12--14------------------------------ A------------12--14-------------------------------------- E----12--15----------------------------------------------

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    Album : Modernday Folklore

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