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Format : Fireman album, Hhead
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Fireman album, Hhead

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## **************** hHead -- FIREMAN **************** Jam Entertainment Management Noah Mintz - Vocals, Guitars Brendan Canning - Bass Mark Bartkiw - Drums Typed by Brrknstock@nettwerk.com --SUPERSTAR-- For Gods sake Britain wake up Well the first thing I wanna say is To hide away my mortal fear To show you when there's someone near I'll play on you as you on me We'll show we live by hipocracy In her constant ways you're the candy can Looking with tired eyes you're the one he despised Hold off for/til the end with her only friend Looking for who we are are we a superstar We'll make a pact to succeed We'll follow through by how much we bleed I'll bleed on you as you on me From head to foot delicacy The final act bring curtain down I kisseth you like bloodhound The story end begins to form The next rising superstar --COLLIDE-- Did you understand me on the telephone line Did you comprehend the concept dubbing from this time I opened up just as easy flows But I wanna stay here wanna feel you close If I play the part take the leading role With the curtain down I can take control Feel the supporting cast another round Well I'm not playing am I still found But if all else fails I'll take the ride We collide What if your whole love will you provide We collide If I know your balance and you know my weight We'll tip the scale drink the bottle of hate To the ringing bell inside my head Yes I need you now it's been said It's the absolute truth scurrying in the wake The emotions unleashed by the dam that breaks To the raging river in my bleeding heart When I re-try again from the start --FIREMAN-- Don't worry frightened one This game has just begun The wolves have all got eyes Too much to stay alive No one hand is on I'll find it anyhow To get you any way I can I've got to get a fireman Fireman I've got the kerosene And I've got the means I come to smoke you out I've got what your about The fires burning strong My time to get along Speak with you the other day I can't be with you this way Fireman The fireman --JOCKSTRAP-- I think I saw her annoys the jock bar Did she see me how am I to know I stared at her for half an hour Talk to her my feet wouldn't go The ball players I smiled at her She didn't do it back trust that's not her style I was standing right across her Go up to her maybe in awhile Are there any takers how am I to know The time was passing and I was stalling I had to build up self confidence I got the courage I turned to face her She was no where out the door she went It doesn't matter she didn't see me It's nothing that has happened before Or at least I think so now people tell me They don't know me I'm best to ignore I thought it over once or twice now Maybe a million times in my head But I am one man who's a little frustrated But I'll get through it took my chance again --BURN-- Ohh tide you're loving Ohh tide I'm coming up Fire escape the fire escape is worse The fires burning the fires burning Up to you and I'm yearning And I'm yearning to get to you Let down ohh baby let down Your hair for me the fireman the fireman Will set you free Burn it down Landslide I'm coming Landslide down on my game Last night last night This is love buildings burning Your buildings burning it won't quit I know this baby I know this because I started it Your cat is burning your cat is burning I don't want you don't worry baby don't worry Your cat is barbeque Ohh tide you're loving Ohh tide I'm coming up Fire escape the fire escape is worse Let down ohh baby let down Your hair for me the fireman the fireman Will set you free --FLOWER-- She treats me like a flower Plucking petals by the hour I'm sitting for the picking Love it love it I'm not sticking in They all come to see me Cause I'm built of stone completely Flowers turn what flowers do What's my flower supposed to do I'm picking and I'm wanting But I better not be throwing in So warm the outside growing What a waste I'm burnt when snowing Backing down I'm not going in Her is the spring Get to sit in the soil And I feel safe there No one can harm me And I felt the warmth of the sun And I drank the water down my spine And like a broken of my heart I was lying in the sun Yah me wasn't me And she came by And she put water down my spine It wasn't mine And on her eye Split my seed --BRAIN-- I'm awake no it is a game Little waste is dripping from my brain Halloween I'm dressed up as me Little hate does it mean that I'm insane Softly she turns to me she kisses me oh trembling But I'm not awake slowly I awake Dream leaves a bad taste in my mouth Thought I'd gone away Hang on tight hands above me ride I close my eyes brains working overtime Plastocine dream starts again Little rest does it me that I am sane --PARKING-- I can't take it anymore I'm gonna jump right out the door Truck my flowers fat boy working Walking won't hurt you know We really don't have that far to go I see that that's the problem with this city got it Ooo Whoa You say it's just a matter of time So leave your spot and it'll be mine This is really bullshit and I'm getting carsick Open the door getting out You can find a spot by yourself You think I'm spotting and I think you're screwed --MORON-- The waters cold and I'm tide The leverage here you won't find Away from my shore ride Jumping in I'd rather Speak softly as seems fine The bitter words she despised Crashing to my thigh This cliff I stand on The will up is the pain He's already jumping The moron speaks again But he better swim He knocking calls it off Even before it starts The waters turned to wise Though he's still --SHOTGUN-- Find it hot again in a bucket of rain He's half to your door The men say hi's as you say goodbye Why should I ask for more Shotgun Think you know a lot But I know more than you Seasons change they will If I hit the spot Think I never knew See I won't change but I will Why not take it off I came down the river crying Let me stay over Once a third passenger seat is better Petal to the metal --OHH-- Well she wants to dance That's not what I planned See it in my stance Still wanna get in your pants Whoo baby wants to dance I can't hold her down I can't peek at the ground And I got her under my belt Baby if you know how I felt I bid to miss penelope But I don't think she's talking I learned every step to the Tango watuzi the whoa --'DIS-- 'dis that shit Don't want a part of it 'dis that shit Now you're a part of it Now hold it in He's such a fool Now hold it in Do you really think your cool whoa Say it loud Like I knew you could Like I knew you would Hold it back Now hold it back Hurdles they fall Watch you head home Hurdles they fall Hold my hand Cause I shaved my mane To keep the trouble in Suck it down Don't try to spit it out Suck it down Your life it was You're shit I don't beleive You make it bad Who Walk it off It hurts but I don't care Walk it off --LIFE-- Life get me to a story Life isn't it worth a story There's one way out Sawdust on the needle Making love to my vein I'm so high I My wisdom my truth Run her down and die I'm so happy So very happy yah Please don't bother me Don't lift me --RAT-- I love I love my dad That's why I rat on him My favourite cloud to told me to Said if I love him that's what I should do I know no more muscled tear When he came she rather did Wait both they waited for Oh my gosh pull his cock I rat on my dad They took me to a foster home Yah I was scared and all so alone They want me to doctor try They want me to testify I rat on my dad They took to much time at the trial They asked me if I was black or white I testified in my tears they hate my guts Ten years ten years I rat on my dad

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