Tablature tweeter and the monkeyman

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Format : Tweeter and the monkeyman, Headstones
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Tweeter and the monkeyman, Headstones

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 17:04:32 -0700 From: ademoor@netcom.ca Subject: Tweeter and the Monkeyman by the Headstones excellent song written by the travelling willburys, but done much better by the headstones. i had the pleasure of seeing them live and this song, all i can say is that it kicked serious ass. canuck rock rules, plain and simple. (and our beer is better too) verses: starts off clean, full chords E--D--A--E add distortion E--D--A--E chorus: when the walls came down...xx-xx-x xx-xx-x 99-77-x all the way to hell... 99-77-2 77-55-2 00-00-0 never saw (A) them when they stand, never saw (E) them when they fell... (each chorus is a little different, figure them out exactly yourself) bridge: E -x- tip: the later verses sound better if you use barre chords -x- as opposed to open. -x- -2- -2- -0- lyrics: tweeter and the monkeyman were hard up for cash/ they stayed up all night selling cocaine and hash/ to and undercover cop who had a sister named jan/ for reasons unexplained, she loved the monkeyman/ tweeter was a boyscout/'course he went to vietnam/ found out the hard way nobody gives a damn/ they knew that they found that freedom just across the jersey line/ hopped into a stolen car and took highway 99. when the walls came down/ all the way to hell/ never saw them when they standin'/ never saw them when they fell. the undercover cop/ never liked the monkeyman/ even back in highschool/ wanted to see him in the can/ jan got married at fourteen to a rackateer named bill/ made secret plans with the monkeyman from a mansion on a hill/ it was out on thunder road/ tweeter at the wheel/ pulled into paradise/ you could hear the tires squeel/ 'cause jan told me many times it was you to me who taught/ in kingston everything's legal man/ as long as you don't get caught. when the walls came down/ all the way to hell/ never saw them when they standin'/ never saw them when they fell. someplace by rahway prison/ they ran outta gas/ the undercover cop had cornered them/ said ya didn't think that this could last/ jan jumped up outta bed/ said there's someplace i gotta go/ she took a gun out of the drawer/ said it's best that you don't know/ an ambulance rode up/ state trooper close behind/ tweeter pulled his gun away and messed up his mind/ the undercover cop was found face down in a field/ the monkeyman was on the river bridge usin' tweeter as a shield. when the walls came down/ all the way to hell/ never saw them when they standin'/ never saw them when they fell. the town of jersey city/ it's quieted down again/ i'm sittin' in a gamblin' club called the lions den/ the t.v. set is blown up/ every bit of it is gone/ every since the show when the monkeyman was on/ maybe i'll go to florida/ get myself some sun/ there ain't no more activity here and everything's been done/ sometimes i think of tweeter/ sometimes i think of jan/ sometimes i don't about nothin' but the monkeyman. when the walls came down/ all the way to hell/ never saw them when they stand/ never saw them when they fell. jonathan

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tablature tweeter and the monkeyman headstones

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