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Format : Anything, Headstones
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Anything, Headstones

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 17:10:08 -0700 From: The Hansen Family <hans116@ibm.net> Subject: CRD: h/headstones/anything.crd CHORDS FOR "ANYTHING" (SECRET TRACK FROM SMILE AND WAVE) BY THE HEADSTONES Transcribed by Matthew Hansen INTRO, VERSE, AND CHORUS: D Cadd9 G D e--2----3----3---2 B--3----3----3---3 G--2----0----0---2 D--0----2----0---0 A-------3----2---- E------------3---- PRE-CHORUS:(you want more, I'll figure out how to get it...) Em G A A e--0----3----0----0 B--0----3----2----2 G--1----0----2----2 D--2----0----2----2 A--2----2----0----0 E--0----3---------- Lyrics: intro(play intro 2X) 1st Verse: there ain't no backstory there's not a negative flaw anytime you do anything all I wanna do is see more you know me I know you too and I congrtulate you on all the bullshit you've been through pre-chorus 1: you want more I'll figure out how to get it if it's not good enough I'm here to correct it chorus: I'd give you anything I'd give you anything I'd give you anything I'd give you anything 2nd verse: I'd give you anything I'd give you a piece of my soul 'cause it's the only thing I've got left I've never sold I might have pawned it hell,now, once or twice Got it back, in tact I'm here to comply pre-chorus 2: well you may need a friend and if you need some money if you need someone to be there when things aren't funny chorus solo: play intro/verse/chorus 2X play pre-chorus 2X 3rd verse: punch in a phone number I'll dial direct well it's not hard to do and it'll only take a sec if I'm not there in minutes our sentiment will carry us I know you've got the strength got the strength for both of us pre-chorus 1+2 chorus ending: keep repeating chorus untill he stops singing then play this: Cadd9 G D e--3-----3---2-- B--3-----3---3-- G--0-----0---2-- D--2-----0---0-- A--3-----2------ E--------3------ This is a cool song from a killer album and it's pretty easy to play, the timing is pretty easy to get after listning to the song a few times.

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tablature anything headstones

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