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John J Harvey
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Format : Sheila na gig, John j harvey
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Sheila na gig, John j harvey

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 14:22:08 +0100 From: Lukas Kamber <> Subject: Sheela-na-Gig PJ Harvey Sheela-na-Gig (Dry) Transcribed by Lukas (Luesche) Kamber This TAB transcription was created using TAB MASTER version 1.0 If you enjoy using this program, please consider telling the author about it: Ofir Zwebner, e-mail: snail-mail: Ehoud 10, Tel Aviv, 69936, Israel This program is freeware, but it took me some work to make it, so your financial contribution is welcome. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I transcribed this song of my favourite artist Peej 'cause nearly anything that you can download from Peej is just the chords of the song, which isn't much, 'cause she just plays 5 chords in this song, and in others even less. But the interesting thing in her music is how she plays the chords. I tried to work these details out, but I guess I didn't really succeed, 'cause it's hard to hear how many strings she plays. Playing the song like this with the band it sounded quite identically, but there was something missing and i had to notice that when you play such easy things like this song, you need lots of feeling to sound good. When Peej plays her simple things it just sounds fantastic, 'cause she got more feeling than just anybody. If you have some changes or additions or just something to say about PJ, her person, her work, this song and especially about this transcription, email to Beat is 63 Intro, slyihgtly distorted e:1---------------1-----1--------------------| B:4-(bend-just-a-----1-----1-1--1--1---------| G:--little-bit-and--------------------3--1---| D:--release)---------------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------| Part I, clean e:-------------------------------|-------------------| B:-------------------------------|-another-5-times---| G:-------------------------------|-Part-I------------| D:-------------------------------|-------------------| A:------3---------------6--------|-------------------| E:--1---1---X-X-X--4-4--4---X-X--|-------------------| slide up slide down e:------------------------------------| B:------------------------------------| G:------------------------------------| D:-----3------------6---repeat-this---| A:-----3------------6---another-time--| E:--1--1--X-X-X--4--4-----------------| X X e:---------------------------------------------| B:---------------------------------------------| G:---------------------------------------------| D:----3-----------6--6-----------repeat-this---| A:-3--3-----------6--6-----------another-time--| E:-1--1--X--X--X--4--4-----1--1----------------| Offbeat e:---------------------------------------------|------------| B:---------------------------------------------|--1-1--4-4--| G:---------------------------------------------|--2-2--5-5--| D:-----3-----------6--6----6--6---repeat-this--|--3-3--6-6--| A:--3--3-----------6--6----6--6---another-time-|--3-3--6-6--| E:--1--1--X--X--X--4--4----4--4----------------|------------| Offbeat Part II, slightly distorted e:------------------------------------------------------| B:---1--1--X-X---4-4-4-4-4---4---4------repeat-this-----| G:---2--2--X-X---5-5-5-5-5---5---5------Part-7-times----| D:---3--3--X-X---6-6-6-6-6---6---6----------------------| A:---3--3--X-X---6-6-6-6-6---6---6----------------------| E:------------------------------------------------------| Part III, clean e:-------------------------------------------|--play-Part-II--| B:-------------------------------------------|--6-timmes------| G:-x-2---------5--5--5-------repeat-Part-III-|----------------| D:-3-3---------6--6--6-------7-times---------|----------------| A:-3-3---------6--6--6-----------------------|----------------| E:-1-X--X-X-X--4--4--4-X-X-------------------|----------------| Part IV, really distorted e:-------------------------------Part-II-just-2-times-(distor.)---| B:----------------------------------------------------------------| G:-------------------------------the-Part--VI-1-time-and----------| D:---8--8----5--5----8--8--10-------------------------------------| A:---8--8----5--5----8--8--10----Part-II-again-2-times-(distor.)--| E:---6--6----3--4----6--6--8--------------------------------------| e:-X-X---play-Intro-3-times--------|-'Wash-that-man-right-out--| B:-X-X------------------------2----|--of-my-hair'--------------| G:----------------------------2----|---------------------------| D:---------------------------------|--2-timesno-guitar---------| A:---------------------------------|---------------------------| E:---------------------------------|---------------------------| e:--play-Part-I-2-times-------------|------------------------------| B:--then-Part-III-2-times-----------|-play-Part-II-----------------| G:--then-Part-2-8-times-------------|-approx-20-times--------------| D:--then-Part-IV-without------------|-and-Guitar-2-plays-----------| A:--the-2-times-Part-II-------------|-the-Intro-from-9-to-20-------| E:--in-the-end-(just-listen-to-it)--|------------------------------| Interlude e:-1-----------------------------| B:-4-(bend)-1----repeat-this-----| G:---------------4-times---------| D:-------------------------------| A:-------------------------------| E:-------------------------------| e:------------------------------------------------| B:---Play-Part-II-heavily-distorted---------------| G:---2-times-and-Guitar-2-plays-the-----2---------| D:---Intro-2-times----------------------3---------| A:--------------------------------------3---------| E:--------------------------------------1---------| Hello, On a Friday night, after the clubs are gone, I get to thinking how someone on one of my mailing lists bemoans the lack of PJ Harvey tabs on the net. So here is the first of a few I've currently done: Sheila-Na-Gig! Sheila-Na-Gig By Polly Jane Harvey (As interpreted by Sean Hennessey) Chords: F#, A, D, C Firstly, it opens with this riff: e----O-----O-------------------------| b--b3--1-----1vPvO--O--O--O---------| g-----------------------------2---O--| d------------------------------------| a------------------------------------| E------------------------------------| In which the b is a slight blues bend (not pitch spec.) and the P is a pull off. Then it's: (first 2 line with out any chords) I've been trying to show you Over and over F# A Look at these my F# A Child bear- ing hips F# A Look at these my F# A Ruby red ru- by lips F# A Look at these my F# A Work strong arms and F# A Youv'e got to see my F# A Bottleful of charms F# A Lay it all F# A At your feet, you F# A Turn around and say F# A Back to me She said F# A Sheila-na-g- ig F# A Sheila-na-g- i-ig F# A You ex-a- F# A bitionist Sheila-na-gig Sheila-na-gig You exibitionist (Rep: Sheila bit 2 times then:) D A C Put Money in your idle hole and: F# A He said Wash your face F# A I don't want to be unclean F# A He said Please take your F# A Dirty pillows away from me There you go, the rest follow the same pattern... F# and A rule the song! Tara friends, Sean Hennessey

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