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John Wesley Harding
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Format : Lovers society, John wesley harding
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Lovers society, John wesley harding

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## .... .... ,ad8PPPP88b, ,d88PPPP8ba, d8P" "Y8b, ,d8P" "Y8b dP' "8a8" `Yd Kiss / Lovers' Society 8( " )8 ====================== I8 8I Track 13 from the live album Yb, ,dP "It Happened One Night" by "8a, ,a8" John Wesley Harding [L-FIEND CD 137] "8a, ,a8" "Yba adP" Transcribed by Ryan Harding <rkh2@ukc.ac.uk> `Y8a a8P' `88, ,88' "Kiss" is by Prince, "Lovers' Society" is by "8b d8" John Wesley Harding "8b d8" `888' " Kiss [Prince] ---- A Better not talk flirty mama, Know how to undress me. Better not talk dirty mama, That won't impress me. [A B C C# D] D You don't have to watch Dynasty To have an attitude. [D C# C B A] A Just leave it all up to me, yeah My love is gonna be your food (OK gonna sing this) E You don't have to be rich to be my girl D You don't have to be cool to rule my world E Ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with D {12th fret trebles} Just want your extra time and your (I only did that so I could do that bit!) {12th fret trebles} KISS! Lovers' Society [John Wesley Harding] --------------- C Am C Am C Am C Am C Am C Am C Am C Well they're taking minutes to do what takes me hours at the Lovers' Society Am C Am C Am Em F Well they're handing out tenders for new ivory towers at the Lovers' Society Dm G7 C Cmaj7 Am And the chairman's so together --- drinks coffee from a lover's cup Dm G7 C Em F C It's always lovers weather --- if Finn and Esse would just button up F Em Dm He doesn't need sugar --- we all know why F Em G When he's planning the broken hearts' bring and buy..... bring and buy, yeah! C Am C Am I wanna belong and I wanna be Em F G Part of the Lovers' Society C Am C Am I wanna belong and I wanna be Dm F G Part of the Lovers' Society C Am C Am They shouldn't mess with me, ..... No! C Am C They shouldn't mess with me Am C Am C Am C Am C Well they talk about things that do not make my agenda at the Lovers' Society Am C Am C Am Em F The committee are emotional big spenders at the Lovers' Society Dm G7 C Cmaj7 Am They've always got a quorum --- they love to love to always agree Dm G7 C Em F C But this is the lovers' famous forum and they've excluded cynical me F Em Dm They say it's paranoia and I've got to pay time F Em G But I think it's paranormal that they're so blatant... They're so blatant! C Am C Am I wanna belong and I wanna be Em F G Part of the Lovers' Society C Am C Am I wanna belong and I wanna be Dm F G Part of the Lovers' Society C Am C Am They shouldn't mess with me, ..... No! C Am C Am C Am C They shouldn't mess with me Am C Am C Am C Am C Casanova and Don Juan talking turkey in the corner at the Lovers' Society Am C Am C Am Em Sylvia Plath and Mrs. Browning they just go for a sauna at the Lovers' Society F G C Cmaj7 Am I'm standing at the lover's keyhole with half a bottle of Beck's F G C Em F C 'Cause it sure felt cold and lonely, suckin' my thumb in the annexe. F Em Dm You should see the archives on the shelf, F Em G Proves every lover just loves him or herself, G7 Him or herself, him or herself, Woah! C Am C Am I'm vaguely bitter, 'cause they've written me Em F G Out of the text of the Lovers' Society C Am C Am I wanna belong and I wanna be Dm F G Part of the Lovers' Society C Am C Am They shouldn't mess with me, .... No! C Am C Am They shouldn't mess with me .... (Nah!) C Am C Am Em F G C They shouldn't mess with me .... No! -----oooooOOOOOooooo----- Thanks to jgreen@trumpet.aix.calpoly.edu for the heart posted on an ascii art newsgroup and Nveilleu@emr1.emr.ca (Normand Veilleux) for doing the anti-aliased version which Scarecrow posted on rec.arts.ascii and I edited. Chords ====== CHD E A D G B e ------------------- A [0 0 2 2 2 0] D [x 0 0 2 3 2] or [2 0 0 2 3 2] E [0 2 2 1 0 0] C [0 3 2 0 1 0] Am [0 0 2 2 1 0] Em [0 2 2 0 0 0] F [1 3 3 2 1 1] Dm [x 0 0 2 3 1] G7 [3 2 0 0 0 1] Cmaj7 [0 3 2 0 0 0] G [3 2 0 0 0 3] BASS RUNS are shown in the music in square brackets, e.g. [A B C C# D] At the end of KISS, {12th fret trebles} uses a single finger (index or middle) to fret the 3 or 4 treble strings of which usually 3 or maybe 4 are played with a sequence of down, up, downstrum, etc. Notes ===== 1. The first part of Kiss is played in bass-strum style, but I haven't included the bass notes, only the chords. 2. There's no reason you have to sing Kiss with Lovers' Society, and in fact I expect Wes sometimes sings it on its own. 3. If anyone has a better idea for the fourth line of Lovers' Society then let me know. "Finn and Esse" is merely what I thought sounded, syllable-wise, like what Wes sings. It doesn't make any sense to me in the context of the famous lovers and romantics mentioned in the rest of the song. Perhaps he is trying to say he lacks finesse and he wishes the two parts of the word would come together. 4. Thanks to Patrick Barnett for sending this to me before I was able to get hold of the original CD. 5. Feel free to email me with any comments (see header for email address) or to request tabs for songs. If you have a favourite JWH song you'd like me to have a go at, let me know. I now have the four full albums, "The Name Above The Title", "It Happened One Night", "Why We Fight" and "Here Comes The Groom". If I haven't got the songs, I could only do them if you send me an audio tape with them on. If you could work out the lyrics, that would be a great help. The songs I've tabbed/chorded so far are: From "The Name Above The Title": I Can Tell (When You're Telling Lies) Save A Little Room For Me The People's Drug The Person You Are Long Dead Gone } lyrics supplied by Backing Out } Alan Pulliam - thanks from "It Happened One Night": Roy Orbison Knows (The Best Man's Song) - thanks to Will Vaughan & "Sen" Kiss/Lovers' Society and from "Here Comes The Groom" The Red Rose And The Briar } thanks to Patrick Barnett and coming soon, the version not from "Here Comes The Groom" of When The Sun Comes Out } thanks to Patrick again These are archived on the guitar tab archives, ftp.nevada.edu and its mirror sites such as ftp.uwp.edu - you can find local mirror sites by using a program such as "archie". Cal Woods & Jim Carson, the new maintainers of the Nevada archive have kindly placed in it a file to aid archie searches. It is called "Nevada.Guitar.Archive". You can find the guitar directory of any nearby mirror sites using: unix% archie -m5 -N Nevada.Guitar.Archive Host unix.hensa.ac.uk Location: /pub/uunet/doc/music/guitar FILE -r--r--r-- 80 Jun 16 09:21 Nevada.Guitar.Archive Wes's tabs are archived under ???/guitar/h/john_wesley_harding 6. The FTP archive at Trinity College Dublin (ftp.maths.tcd.ie) has also uploaded a lot of Wes songs in the directory: /pub/music/guitar/h/john_wesley_harding In addition to the songs I've worked out, there is a copy of Crystal Blue Persuasion, originally by Tommy James and the Chandelles (sp?) which appears on "The Name Above The Title". There doesn't appear to be a mirror site to Trinity College Dublin. 7. Enjoy! Regards, Ryan Harding ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Parallel lines DO meet but only incognito. Ryan Harding, Applied Optics, UKC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Now no-one's sitting on the fence, whose garden will we end up sitting in?" - John Wesley Harding, "The Person You Are" from "The Name Above The Title" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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lovers society

Album : It Happened One Night / It Never Happened at All (disc 2)

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tablature lovers society john wesley harding

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