Tablature over the neptune

Guided By Voices
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Format : Over the neptune, Guided by voices
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Over the neptune, Guided by voices

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # Over The Neptune / Mesh Gear Fox (R.Pollard) - Propeller (Rockathon/Scat) From: (David Marley) (this song does not rock...) 1st part: D C B A G F E A G Em Dm Am 2X (hold Am second time) play this sequence twice, then repeat the G Em Dm Am sequence four times. E. after the solo, the song (obviously) changes.... 2nd part: A Bb you must be willing just to ride along with me... play this 4 times, then... C just pick me out from your cosmos A and drop me in for your troops C set me up for the knockdown A you can watch (you can watch) C but I'll be back when it's over then a sequence of G C four times... then.... G C G C oh, mesh gear fox, pull out another bag of tricks from your Em* C D scientific box Time's wasting and you're not gonna live forever... G C G C Em* C And if you do, i'll come back and marry you, no use changing now, you D couldn't anyhow never Em C G D it's not the way that i feel that i's the way you act, it's C G the way you look when you're near me..... and repeat the end sequence (Em C G D C G)... the star after the two Em chords refers to a little riff that is played t o get from the Em to the C: 5A: 0 3 6E: 0 0 2 3 that's all for that one....i believe it is correct, but any corrections w ould be welcome.....hopefully it will come out right on the mailing list. E..btw, over the neptune/mesh gear fox is by far the best thing the ban d's ever done, in my humble opinion...

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tablature over the neptune guided by voices

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