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Patty Griffin
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Format : Poor mans house, Patty griffin
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Poor mans house, Patty griffin

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 16:23:00 -0500 From: Scott Antall <> To: "''" <> Subject: CRD: g/griffin_patty/poor_mans_house.crd Poor Man's House Music and Lyrics by Patty Griffin from the "Living With Ghosts" album Chords transcribed by Scott Antall ( (with the help of my guitar instructor!!) Tuning: "Dropped D" - This is easy - just tune the bass E string down one whole step. (This way, when you play the D chord, you can strum all the strings.) DADGBE - Capo at first fret D (000232) D* (000235 to 0000232) A (002220) G (X20033) D* Explanation - start with (000235) then bring the pinkie down one fret each time (000234, 000233) until you get to a regular D (000232). Make sense? Listen to the album for more detail. Intro [D* D*] [D*] you know you've done enough when every bone is sore [D*] you know you've prayed enough when you don't ask any more [D*] you know you're coming to some kind of understanding [D*] when every dream you've dreamed has passed and you're still standing [G] mama says [A] god tends [Bm] to every little skinny sheep [A] [G] so count your ribs [A] and say your [D] prayers and get to sleep [G] nothing is [A] louder to god's [Bm] ears than a poor mans sorrow [A] [G] daddy is poor today and [A] he will be poor tomorrow [G A] [A] hey that's the [G] poor man's [D] house [A] everybody get a [G] look at the poor mans [D] house [A] everywhere they [G] went before must have [D] turned them out [A] and now they're [G] living in a poor mans [D] house [D* D*] [D*] there's nothing like poverty to get you into heaven [D*] they got a lot of wine and fish up there and the bread's unleavened [D*] they got a lot of ears that heard a whip go crack [D*] lots of missing toes and fingers and scars upon their backs [G] daddy's been [A] working too much for [Bm] days and days he doesn't eat [A] [G] he never [A] says much but i [D] think this time it's got him beat [G] it isn't that [A] he isn't [Bm] strong or kind or clever [A] [G] your daddy's poor today and he will be [A] poor forever [G A] [A] hey that's the [G] poor man's [D] house [A] those kids are [G] living in a poor mans [D] house [A]they walk to [G] school with the soles of their [D] shoes worn out [A] and come home in the [G] evening to the poor mans [D] house [G] what are you chopping that wood for [A] why are you growing that corn [G] mama's sewing a brand new shirt and [A] you're wearing the one that's torn [G]i guess it's for some one elses kid [A] who wasn't born in a poor [D] man's [G] house a poor [D] man's [G] house [A] hey take a [G] look at that [D] house [A] everybody we're [G] living in a poor mans [D] house [A] seems like every[G]where we go they [D] find us out [A] find out that we've been [G] living in a poor mans [D] house [D* twice and then bang on

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