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Green Day
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Format : 86 pour Basse, Green day
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86 pour Basse, Green day

Date: Fri, 6 Oct 1995 14:25:15 -0500 From: (LSM) Subject: Greenday "86"(read me first) I've finished figureing out and typing out the lyrics and bass lines for "86", the new GreenDay song off their album "Insomniac", coming out on October 10th (or late night 9th). This is a explanation file and does not contain the lyrics or bass line, they will follow afterwards. Pleas set your display font to a "equal-width" font like "Courier" or the kind so the tablature does not get mixed up and word rapped in a strange way. The lyrics and bass lines (and the guitar chord that I've sent before) has been figured out off an analog cassette recording off the radio (Z-Rock 105.9FM) that aired on October 4th, 1995. ________________ LSM a FEMC company So here it goes; the lyrics for 86. They might be wrong, but they're damn close! 86 By: Greenday What brings you around Did you lose something the last time you were here [You'll] never find it now It's burried deep when you walked out of here So stand aside and let the next one pass Don't let that door kick you in the ass [And] there's no return from 86 So don't even try Exit out the back And never show your head around again Purchase your ticket and quickly take the last train out of town So stand aside and let the next one pass Don't let that door kick you in the ass [And] there's no return from 86 So don't even try --bridge-- [And] there's no return from 86 So don't even try ________________ LSM a FEMC company Now here's the bass line. They might be wrong, but they're god damn close! 86 By: Greenday Note: tune a half step down to Eb, Ab, Db, and Gb. "%" are rests. Try down picking all the way, and mixing the variations for Part A. INTRO PART A drumbeats E Ab A 1------* G----------||----------|----------|----------|-------------| D----------||----------|----------|----------|-------------| A----------||----------|----------|----------|-------4x-6x-| E----------||-0xxxxxxx-|-4xxxxxxx-|-5xxxxxxx-|-5x-7x-------| E Ab A G------------|----------|---------|----------|| D------------|----------|---------|----------|| A------------|----------|---------|----------|| E--0x-4-5x-7-|-4xxxxxxx-|-5xxxxxx-|-5xxxxxxx-|| PART B Em B A G-||----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| D-||----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| A-||----------|----------|-2xxxxxxx-|-2xxxxxxx-|-0xxxxxxx-|-0xxxxxxx-| E-||-0xxxxxxx-|-0xxxxxxx-|----------|----------|----------|----------| 1----Em Am Em 2---Am Em G-----------|------------||-----------|----------| D-----------|------------||-----------|----------| A-----------|-------0x---||--------0x-|----------| E--0xxxxxxx-|-0xxxxx--%%-||-0xxxxx----|-0xxxxxxx-| PART C B A 1----- 2----- G-||----------|----------|----------|----------||-----------| D-||----------|----------|----------|----------||----2-1-2--| A-||-2xxxxxxx-|-2xxxxxxx-|-0xxxxxxx-|-0xxxxxxx-||-0---------| E-||----------|----------|----------|----------||-----------| PART D B A G-----------|----p--------|----------------|-------------|----1x-2x-| D-----------|---1^0--2-1--|---2-1-2-1------|-------1x-2x-|-4x-------| A--2xxxxxxx-|-0----2----2-|-2x--------2-0x-|-2x-4x-------|----------| E-----------|-------------|----------------|-------------|----------| PART E B A G-----------|----------|| D-----------|----------|| A--2xxxxxxx-|-0--------|| E-----------|----------|| *PART A: VARIATIONS 2A 3Ab A |----------| |-----------| |----------| |-----------| |----------| |-----------| |-5xxxxxxx-| |-4-5xxxxxx-| ________________ LSM a FEMC company

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