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Gin Blossoms
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Format : Lost horizons, Gin blossoms
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Lost horizons, Gin blossoms

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (Richard Barrett) Subject: CHORDPRO: Lost Horizons, Gin Blossoms Ok, so I've been pretty pathetic about posting. Figured out several tunes lately (most Lyle Lovett stuff) which I'll try to find time to post. In the meantime, here's my contribution to the G-C-D catalog. Ok, incredibly easy, but there is a nice collection of Gin Bloosoms at Nevada, so this might as well join them. I consider any song to be an instant classic if it contains the phrase "I'm drunk drunk drunk"... I believe the chords are mostly correct, although I sure would appreciate any corrections. Especially the G here: And [C]when the sin smiles [Am]how could it be [G]wrong {title: Lost Horizons} {st: Gin Blossoms} {c: Intro: C G C G C G C G} The [C]last horiozons [D]I can see are [C]filled with bars and [G]factories And [C]in them all we fight to stay [G]awake {start_of_chorus} [G]Drink enough of any[D]thing to [G]make this world seem [C]new again [C]Drunk drunk drunk in the [D]gardens and the [G]graves {end_of_chorus} {c: repeat intro} [C]She had nothing [D]left to say [C]so she said she [G]loved me and [C]I stood there thankful for the [G]lie {c: repeat chorus ( make this girl look new again...)} [G] [C]Turn summer trees to [D]bones and ice [C]Turn insect songs a[D]gainst the night [C]With words we build and [D]words we break I'm [C]drunk drunk drunk in the [D]gardens and the [G]graves [G]......[D]......[G]......[C]......[G]......[C] [G]Maybe I could [C]use you [G]to reas[C]sure myself [G]I wouldn't wish this indecision [C]on anybody else [G]Drink enough of any[D]thing to [G]make this world look [C]new again And [C]when the sin smiles [Am]how could it be [G]wrong [C]The last horizons [D]I could see are [C]now resigned to [G]memories I [C]never thought I'd still be here [G]today {c: repeat chorus ( make myself look new again...)} {c: repeat intro}

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tablature lost horizons gin blossoms

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