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Format : Peg, Gaucho
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Peg, Gaucho

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## PEG - Steely Dan ------------------------------- from the album 'AJA' tabbed by Howard Wright The chords for the verse are a bit awkward - It's the usual type of Steely Dan chord - a triad with a different bass note. It's pretty hard to play the verse chords at the right speed - so you might have to forget about the bass note and just play the top strings. I think this is what the guitar on the record does anyway, but if you want to get the proper sound of the chord you really need the bass as well. INTRO: ------ G6/9 F#7#9 F6/9 E7#9 Eb6/9 D7#9 VERSE 1: -------- Cmaj7 Gsus2/B Cmaj7 Gsus2 I've seen your Cmaj7 Gsus2 Cmaj7 Gsus2 picture your name in lights Cmaj7 Gsus2 Cmaj7 Gsus2 above it this is your Fmaj7 Csus2 Fmaj7 Csus2 big de-but it's like a Cmaj7 Gsus2 Cmaj7 Gsus2 dream come true so won't you Gmaj7 Dsus2 Fmaj7 Csus2 smile for the camera I know you're gonna Cmaj7 Gsus2 Cmaj7 Gsus2 love it VERSE 2: -------- I've got your pin shot I keep it with your letter Done up in blue-print blue It sure looks good on you So won't you smile for the camers I know they're gonna love it Peg CHORUS: ------- Cmaj7 Gsus2/B Am11 E7sus4 Peg it will come back to you Cmaj7 Gsus2/B Am11 E7sus4 Peg it will come back to you Asus2/C# C6/9 G F#7 Then the shutter falls Bm7 E7#9 Am7 C/D Cmaj7 Gsus2 You see it all in 3D it's your favourite foreign movie Cmaj7 Gsus2 F#m7 Bm7 Em7 Bm7 C6/9 Then it repeats the intro sequence of descending chords and goes into the solo. Chords for the solo are the same as for the verses. The rest is just repeats. Chord Shapes : --------------- for convenience : a=10,b=11,c=12 etc (So an E shape bar chord at the 9th fret would be 9bba99 ) EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE xa99ax x989ax x8778x x7678x x6556x x5456x G6/9 F#7#9 F6/9 E7#9 Eb6/9 D7#9 EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE x3x453 x2x233 3xx233 x8x9a8 9xx899 xaxbca Cmaj7 Gsus2/B Gsus2 Fmaj7 Csus2 Gmaj7 EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE axx9aa x0xcda 0xxefc 9x99ax 8x778x 355433 Dsus2 Am11 E7sus4 Asus2/C# C6/9 G EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE 242322 7x7777 5x5555 xx0553 2x2222 079787 F#7 Bm7 Am7 C/D F#m7 Em7

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