Tablature i dont have to wonder2

Garth Brooks
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Format : I dont have to wonder2, Garth brooks
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I dont have to wonder2, Garth brooks

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 2/18/98; 9:24:35 a.m. From: "Yebba" Subject: I don't Have To Wonder (Garth Brooks) Written by: Shawn Camp and Taylor Dunn From: Garth Brooks album (Sevens) Transcribed by: Charlene Yebba ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another great one, from the big man himself. Although Garth didn't write this one...He sure put alot of soal into it. I love the way this sounds on my guitar when I play. Enjoy!!! I Don't Have To Wonder (Fingerpick) D G Drove to the church D G In my suit and tie D G But I just couldn't bring myself A D To go inside D G So I sat alone A D In my truck across the street G Watched that chauffeur smokin' cigarettes A By that long white limousine D G I could just imagine A D What was goin' on in there G Sunlight streamin' through the stained glass A And those flowers in her hair Bm D And in less time that it takes a tear to fall G D Those bells rang loud as thunder G D As they opened up the doors G A D G A Now I don't have to wonder anymore D G Laughin' and a cryin' D G Tossin' that bouquet D G And when you got in that limo G D I drove off the other way D G And I still don't know A D Why things happened like they did G But I parked that old pickup A On that lonesome river bridge D G I took your ring from my pocket A D And I held it one last time G Watched that diamond sparkle A D G A I drew back and I let it fly Bm D And in less time that it takes a tear to fall G D Oh that old ring went under G D And now it's gone for sure G A Bm And I don't have to wonder anymore G D Well the angels sang like thunder G D As I felt myslef go under G A D G A Now I don't have to wonder anymore

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