Tablature belleau wood 1917

Garth Brooks
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Format : Belleau wood 1917, Garth brooks
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Belleau wood 1917, Garth brooks

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 11/19/97; 10:37:27 PM From: Subject: here ya go gregg new song from garth brooks belleau wood 1917 (Garth Brooks) upcoming album 'sevens' note: this has become my favorite song now! Also I don't know if the words are all right, so please feel to correct ~ transcribed by <BM> oh the snow flakes fell in <D>scilence, over belleau wood that <G>night <G>for a christmas goose had been <D>prepared, on both sides of the <G>line <BM>as we laid there in our <D>trenches, the scilence broke <G>into <G>by a german soldier <D>singing, a song that we all <G>knew <BM>though I did not know the <D>language, the song was silent <G>night <G>then I heard my buddy <D>whisper, all is calm all is <G>bright <BM>then then fear in I srounded <D>me, as I died if I was <G>wrong <G>but I stood up in my <D>tench, and I began to sing <G>along <G>then across the frozen battlefield anothers voice joined <D>in until one by one each man <G>became a singer of the <BM>hymn <BM>then I thought I was <D>green, for right there in my <G>side <G>stood the german <D>soldier, who had a fallen face of <G>white <BM>and he raised his hand and smiled at <D>me, as if seemed to <G>say <G>he was hopeing that we would both live to <D>see, find a better <G>way <G>then the devils clock struck midnight, and the skies lit up <D>again and the battlefield where <G>heaven stood, is blowin up <BM>again <BM>but for just one fleeting <D>moment, the answer seemed so <G>clear <G>heavens not beyond the <D>clouds, its just beyond the <G>field <BM>no heavens not beyond the <D>clouds, it for us to find <G>here

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