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Game Theory
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Format : You drive, Game theory
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You drive, Game theory

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Date: Tue, 20 Jun 1995 11:44:02 -0400 (EDT) From: pudman <AAMILENSKI@OCVAXC.CC.OBERLIN.EDU> YOU DRIVE By Game Theory, from the Two Steps From The Middle Ages album E |-----------------------------------------| B |-12----12----12----12----12----12----12--| G |----14----12----14----12----14----12-----| D |-----------------------------------------| A |-----------------------------------------| E |-----------------------------------------| B E A E |------------------|------------------| B |----------4b5-----|----------4b5-----| G |-6-4--4-6-----6-4-|-6-4--4-6-----6-4-| D |------------------|------------------| A |------------------|------------------| E |------------------|------------------| B E A E |------------------|------------------| B |----------4b5-----|----------4b5-----| G |-6-4--4-6-----6-4-|-6-4--4-6-----6-4-| D |------------------|------------------| A |------------------|------------------| E |------------------|------------------| G7 A E |------------------|------------------| B |----------4b5-----|----------4b5-----| G |-6-4--4-6-----6-4-|-6-4--4-6-----6-4-| D |------------------|------------------| A |------------------|------------------| E |------------------|------------------| G7 A E |------------------|------------------| B |----------4b5-----|----------4b5-----| G |-6-4--4-6-----6-4-|-6-4--4-6-----6-4-| D |------------------|------------------| A |------------------|------------------| E |------------------|------------------| Repeat B E A A/F# All over El Cerrito hair gets combed in tangles down B E A A/F# And every radio's aligned onto the finest sound G D Look out for love lost when the lights are changing A G All last year's cassettes together melted on the ground E |------------------| B |------------------| G |------------------| D |-4-4--------------| A |-----4h6-7--------| E |-----------5h7--0-| All over London, England young lines take the old lines on The weight of never making any difference almost gone And it's a headache being right when everybody wants to Jump on you the first time that you're wrong Across the nation every sports bar turns the pregame on And every regular is sneering like we don't belong No it's not true I played a lot of baseball in my younger days One day the diamonds were all gone C#m E |-4-----------------| B |---2-4---4h5-4h5-4-| G |-------------------| D |-------------------| A |-------------------| E |-------------------| C#m A The notices I never thought would be sent out have arrived (this next part is played under "out have arrived") E |------------------| B |-4-5-4-5----------| G |---------6-4-2----| D |------------------| A |------------------| E |------------------| C#m A The notices I never thought would be sent out have arrived G D A G Why can't we throw them in the faces that say we may not survive Why can't we cruise the night alive? You drive. Tab by the Pudman (

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tablature you drive game theory

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