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Frank Zappa
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Format : Yo cats, Frank zappa
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Yo cats, Frank zappa

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Transcribed by Jeff Langille - ( =========================================================================== Song : Yo Cats (3:34) Album: FZ Meets the Mothers of Prevention (#44, 11/21/85) 4/4, Key of F (usually) This is a cool piece about the music biz and FZ's impression of session players. This is a fun song to play so if you've never heard it dig up a copy of FZMMP, well worth it with some excellent, short Synclavier comps. Some of the chord in this one are questionable. Especially the C/F/Ami/Dmi. I played with this one a lot before I settled on those chords. Some other options include G/F/C/Dmi and C/Bb/Ami/G. The B/F#/C#/G... section is also very weird. These chords work with the melody but harmonically aren't the greatest in the song (unless you like that sorta thing :0) If you find alternates let me know. This song has subjective chords because the progressions are implied by the melody only. There are no clear chord parts being played. |F Dmi |Bb Gmi |F Dmi |Bb Gmi | |F Dmi |Bb C |C |Db | |F Dmi |Bb C |C F |Ami Dmi | |Bb |Db |Db C |B D G |E | |F Dmi |Bb Gmi |C F |Ami Dmi | |B F# |C# G |Bb F |Bb Ab || |G E |A E |G E |A E | |A E |G D |F C |Eb Bb | |F |Ab |F |Ab | |Ab |A |Bb |B | |C G |Bb F |Ab Eb |Gb Db || |F Dmi |Bb Gmi |F Dmi |Bb Gmi | |F Dmi |Bb C |C |Db | |F Dmi |Bb C |C F |Ami Dmi | |Bb |Db |Db C |B D G |E | |F Dmi |Bb C |C F |Ami Dmi | |Bb |Db |Db C | || |Dmi |Emi |Ami | | |F |Dmi |Bb |Gmi | |F |Dmi |Bb |Gmi | |F |Dmi | | || -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff Langille |"...if I were standing next to you with a metronome and ! !a baton (frowning and smoking a lot of cigarettes), I | Halifax, N.S. |would insist that the rhythms be accurate , and that only ! !the pitches which reside outside the basic tonality | ugrita fusft |(the original "wrong notes") could be altered." - FZappa ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Hommage à Frank Zappa

Hommage à Frank Zappa
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tablature yo cats frank zappa

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