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Frank Zappa
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Format : Sofa no2, Frank zappa
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Sofa no2, Frank zappa

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (Boyd Steven Lee) Subject: CRD: Frank Zappa, "Sofa #2" Music by Frank Zappa (1940-1993) This is quite an attractive piece of music. It could be commercial, with a few more margaritas and the right company. However, I digress. This is my own favorite song of FZ's to sing. Beautiful melody (also very common as an instrumental) and bilingual lyrics (they come in German also). Jeff ============================================================================ Song : Sofa #2 (2:38) Album: One Size Fits All (#20, 6/25/75) 3/4, Key of C |I am the ... | |C | | | | |F |G | | | | | Dmi | |G | |Dmi |G |Dmi |F | | |G Emi Dmi | |G | | |G C |Emi Ami |Dmi G | | | | |G C | |Emi Ami |Dmi Emi |C Ami |F G | | | | || |C | | | | |F |G | | | |G Emi |F Dmi |C |F | |G | | || |G Ami F | G | | | |G Ami F | G | | | |C Dmi |Ami G |C Ami |F G | | || |G* | | | | | | | | | | | || |: |G | |F | |F Emi | Ami | |G :| | |G | |F | |F Emi | A || * Riff |--3------3-3-3---------3------3-3-3-------------| |--0------0-3-1---------0------0-0-0-------------| |--0------0-0-0---------0------0-0-2p0h2---------| |--0-----(0-0-0)--------0------0-0-0-------------| |--x------x-x-x---------x------x-x-x-------------| |--3-----(3-3-3)--------3------3-3-3-------------| I am the heaven, I am the water I am the dirt beneath your rollers I am your secret smut & lost netal money Down your cracks I am your cracks and crannies I am the clouds, I am embroidered I am the author of all tucks an damask piping I am the chrome dinette, I am the chrome dinette I am eggs of all persuasions I am all days and nights I am here and you are my sofa -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff Langille |"...if I were standing next to you with a metronome and ! !a baton (frowning and smoking a lot of cigarettes), I | Halifax, N.S. |would insist that the rhythms be accurate , and that only ! Ibanez RG770 !the pitches which reside outside the basic tonality | 5150 amp |(the original "wrong notes") could be altered." - FZappa ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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tablature sofa no2 frank zappa

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