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Fields Of The Nephilim
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Format : Misc songs, Fields of the nephilim
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Misc songs, Fields of the nephilim

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Misc. Nephilim Tabs ( OK guys and gels.... What's the chance of some of us getting together and working out some Neph TABs for Guitar(+Bass). Myself... I am not particularly good on the guitar but love to play it. I find some of the Neph stuff particularly hard to work out. I find some of the intro's to be OK but when the guitar line changes come chorus I get all messed up. So here are 2 or 3 intro's. Could anyone out there complete them?? Laura ~~~~~ Main Riff... |--------------5-------------------------------------------------------------- |----5-8-5-7-5---5-8-5-7-8-7-5------------------------------------------------ |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Tower ~~~~~~~~~ Main Riff... |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |--1-3-1--6-3-5--0-1-2--0-1-2------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- MoonChild ~~~~~~~~~ Main Riff... A A |-----------------------------------0--------0-------------------------------- |---1-0------1-0------1-0-------1-1------1-1---------------------------------- |-------2--------2--------2--------------------------------------------------- |---------0--------2--------3------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Psychonaut ~~~~~~~~~~ The Power chords played in Psychonaut are:- D F C G I play the chords: D 10-12-12-11-10-10 F x- 8-10-10-10- x C 8-10-10- 9- 8- 8 G x-10-12-12-12- x I don't claim any of the above is correct... but merely the way 'I' play it. I have Watchman on line too, but it's the same as the one at the FTP sites. I can play bits of other songs... I think Endemoniada, Phobia, Power, Love Under Will, For her Light.... I have a few Bass Lines... Last Exit for the lost is some thing like... |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |--------3-----3-------------------------------------------------------------- |--1---1---1-1----1-4-4-4-4--------------------------------------------------- Does anyone have the bassline for Celebrate. I would love to be able to play all of the Neph songs... So anyone else out there with guitars... PLEASE help me. I can also play some Bauhaus, SoM, Christian Death so... if people are interested in more than just Neph I'll try typing out some other stuff.

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tablature misc songs fields of the nephilim

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