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Fering A
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Format : Midst of brilliance, Fering a
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Midst of brilliance, Fering a

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 13:59:23 PDT From: antax fleegen <> Subject: f/fering_a/ midst of brilliance: written, performed, produced, engineered, mastered, and sung by none other than puff duddy. actually, i, a. fering wrote it. **()) come to think of it, i sing it too. huh. come. anyway, here we go. (your basic open chord song). uh [Am] [G] [D] x2 *verse I* my [Am] whole body's [G]shaking, and my [D]mind keeps on taking its [Am]wonderful [G]toll on my [D]life [Am]everyone's [G]lives are just [D]wasting away i [Am]wish i could [G]just make mine [D]stay *verse II* nothing ever seems to be simple to me i still keep my feelings inside i try to explain all my hate and my anger i try but my feelings collide bam! (up a notch with matt comin in on sea bass) *chorus* its a [C]real sunny [G]day, but the [D]raindrops keep falling i'm [C]lost and don't [G]think i'll be [D]found but [C]here in the [G]midst of [D]all of this brilliance you [C]know that i'm [G]glad you're around *verse III* erase all my debts, and erase all my bleeding i've worried a lifetime away i've gotten a feeling of some sort of healing and i can just wish that she'll stay bam! (chorus) x2 greg solo penis over these here bridge kords [f] [c] [g] [d] x4 then SING *bridge* blue skies won''t last in my eyes its easy to see if you're me blue skies won't last in my eyes you know i never wanted this to be [am] [g] [d] [am] [g] [d] everyone's lives are just wasting away i wish i could just make mine stay over out, and hung over. written by: a fering performed by: (allusion) a fering_guitar,vocals g johnson_lead guitar c madrinich_drums,cymbals,cow bell r sampson_bass,triangle,glockenschpeil

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tablature midst of brilliance fering a

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