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Faith No More
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Format : Everythings ruined, Faith no more
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Everythings ruined, Faith no more

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 09:05:42 +1100 (EST) From: "Harley Jackson, NPR Systems P/L" <> Subject: TAB: Everything's Ruined by Faith No More Guitar tab: Everything's Ruined by Faith No More, from the album "Angel Dust". Transcribed by Harley Jackson ( Here is my interpretation of this great song. I haven't made much of an attempt at tabbing the timing; listen to the song to pick this up. I've also only tabbed the chords if there is some fingering in the bar, otherwise I've just written the name of the chord. I generally play the barre version of the chord. Notation: F# / /... keep strumming F# (even if it's not shown on the tab) (F#) play quietly 2h3 hammer on h2 play the note by hammering it on 3p2 pull off 7b(9) bend 7b(9)r7 bend and release F# E play F# cord then slide down to E 10/1710 slide up then down Intro: G A B A G F# A (F#) E---3--5-7-5---5-5-5-3-3-2-2-0-3--2--5-----2-- B---3--5-7-5-------------------3--2--5-----2-- G---4--6-8-6-------------------4--3--6-----3-- D---5--7-9-7-------------------5--4--7-----4-- A---5--7-9-7-------------------5--4--7-----4-- E---3--5-7-5-------------------3--2--5-----2-- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ fig (1) Things worked out better than planned capital from boy, woman and man F# / /... C B F# / / / E------------2----------------3-2----------2------------------------ B------------2----------------4-3----------2------------------------ G------------3----------------4-3----------3------------------------ D------------4----------------4-3----------4------------------------ A------------4----------------3-2----------4----------2h3p2p0------- E------------2-----------------------------2-----------------h2p0--- ^^^^^^^^^^^ fig (2) We were like ink and paper numbers on a calculator F# / / / C B F# / / /... knew arithmetic so well C B F# / / / repeat fig (2) working overtime, completed what was assigned F# / / / C B F# / / /... we had to multiply ourselves F# E E--2--0------------------------------------------ } B--2--0------------------------------------------ } G--3--1------------------------------------------ } fig (3) D--4--2------------------------------------------ } A--4--2-----------------------2h3p2p0h2p0-------- } E--2--0----------------------------------h2p0h2-- } repeat fig (3) a bouncing little baby a shiny copper penny D A and he spent himself would not listen to us D A (F#) but when he lost his appetite he lost his weight in friends F# / / F# / / F# / / F# / / / C B F# / / fig(2) Baby became a fat nickel so fast then came puberty exponentially F# / / / C B F# / /... soon our boy became a million D A people loved him so and helped him to grow D A everyone know the thing that was best of course he must invest F# / / /... G / / F# G A / / /... A penny won't do no a penny won't do no oh (repeat) Guitar break: (like the intro, but ending G B A instead of G F# A) G A B A fig (1) G B A G / /... E / /... But he made us proud he made us rich G / /... A / /... and how were we to know he's counterfeit Solo: E--------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------------- G--------------11-9--9

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tablature Everythings ruined faith no more

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