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Format : Little bit of lovin, Europe
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Little bit of lovin, Europe

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 00:41:20 PST From: Antti Iiskola <> To: Subject: Little Bit Of Lovin' - Europe LITTLE BIT OF LOVIN' - Europe by Joey Tempest >From "Prisoners In Paradise" Transcribed by Antti Iiskola or Cool song, although the riff is pretty obvious. Anyway it rocks pretty good. E-mail me for comments and other Europe-stuff. More is coming up. Enjoy! Intro: E A E e |-------------------------| B |-------------------------| G |-------2--2-2------------| D |-2-2---2--2-2----2-------| A |-2-2---0--0-0----2-------| E |-0-0-3--------3--0-------| Chorus: E A E C D E D A <----*-----> e |-------------------------------------------------| * The first time B |-------------------------------------------3-----| this riff comes up G |---------2--2-2-----------5---7------------2--2--| play this 1st time. D |-2-------2--2-2-------2---5---7------2-2-2-0--2--| 2nd time play the A |-2----2--0--0-0--2----2---3---5-0h-2---2-2----0--| lick below. E |-0--3--------------3--0----------------0-0-------| A <------2nd time, intro only-------> e |---------------------------------| B |---------------------------------| G |---------0--------------------2--| D |-2-2-0-----2-0---2-0----------2--| A |-------2-------2----2-0-------0--| E |------------------------3-2-0----| Verse: E D E E D E D D/C# D/G E D E <----------2nd time 2 x----> <--1st---> e |-------------------------------------------------------| B |--9-7-9--------------9-7-9------2-----2-----2---9-7-9--| G |--9-7-9--------------9-7-9-----3----3-----3-----9-7-9--| D |--7-5-7-------0h-2---7-5-7---0------------------7-5-7--| A |---------0h-2---------------------4--------------------| E |----------------------------------------3-----0--------| B <------2nd-----> e |----------------| B |----------------| G |-4-4-4----------| D |-4-4-4----------| A |-2-2-2----------| E |----------------| Bridge: E D A B Ohh, You gotta give me some lovin',yeah. I'm gonna make you feel so good... Chords: ------- E 0221xx or 022xxx or x799xx A x0222x or x022xx D xx023x or x577xx C x355xx B x244xx D/C# x4032x D/G 3x032x open position E xxx450 and D xx0232 Little Bit Of Lovin' -------------------- Ohh, gotta give me some lovin', baby... [Riff 1] [/w chorus riff] (We sing it) Woah-oh, woah-oh, Give a little bit of lovin' And I'll treat you right, oh yeah Woah-oh, woah-oh, Give a little bit of lovin' And I'll stay the night (yeah that's right) [/w riff 2] Just like a gypsy I come to town I've been longing for that girl I left behind I might be a fool,yeah, but come what may 'Cause I've been lovin' every minute, every day Yes, I've been lovin' every minute, every day Oh yeah CHORUS Don't need nobody, I stand alone But there's a woman that I like to call my own I ain't got the money to make her shine But I got plenty other ways to make her mine Yes I got plenty other ways to make her mine CHORUS Ohh, you gotta give me some lovin', yeah I'm gonna make you feel so good... [/w chorus riff] SOLO [droodle with verse riff in open position] my baby, yeah, yeah.. She's got deadly eyes, a twisted mind She's one in a million, one of a kind Cold chills running down to the bone She gives me lovin' like I've never known We tumble and roll 'till the break of day She's so wild, blows my world away With her there's nothing I wouldn't do Baby, we got something to hold on to, yeah Lay it down and it's plain to see The woman's got the best of me CHORUS

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tablature little bit of lovin europe

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