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Format : Heart of stone, Europe
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Heart of stone, Europe

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## HEART OF STONE (EUROPE) written by Joey Tempest A few weeks ago, I met OLGA, so I wanted to put my own work there and now it's here... I've learned to play the guitar only a few months ago, so if somebody detects any mistake or can do this better, please correct the TAB and send a mail to adressed to Placido with your address too. Jbarcelo is a friend of mine and he will know what to do. Thank you. [Lyrics] [D][D][Em][Em]I've told [Em]you [Em]once and [Em]I've [Em]told you [Em]twice [D][D][Em][Em]Wait for [Em]that [Em]day when [Em]our [Em]love will [Em]rise [D][D][C][C]To [G]that [G]song [D]that [D]brought [A]our hearts [Em]together. [Pick 1] Even though you're mistreating me I know the girl that you used to be For me those days were meant to last forever. [Pick 2] [C]Time after [D]time I'm wondering [Em]why [C]Am I to [D]be all [Em]alone [Slide] [C]day after [D]day I pray that you'll [Em]stay [Bm] Cause you've got a [C][C][C][C][C][C][C][C][C]heart of stone. I walk the streets like a broken man Oh I wish that you would understand Even though youre still the one I wait for. I guess in love theres no guarantee Sometimes is not what it seems to be Even though you're still the one I care for. [Intro] D D Em Em A G D D D Em Em A G D -2-----0-----0--3-----|---------------------|------------- -3-----0-----2--0-----|---------------------|------------- | -2-----0-----2--0-----|---------------------|------------- | TWICE -0-----2-----2--0-----|---------------------|------------- | -------2-----0--2-----|---------------------|------------- | -------0--------3-----|---------------------|--0--3--2---- / D D Em Em A G D D D Em Em A G D ----------------------|---------------------|------------------------ ----------------------|---------------------|------------------------ ----------------------|---------------------|------------------------ ----------------------|---------------------|--------2--------------- ----------------------|---------------------|-----2------------------ ----------------------|---------------------|--0--------0------------ [Pick 1] --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- -------2------------------------------------------------------------- ----2---------------------------------------------------------------- -0--------0---------------------------------------------------------- [Pick 2] --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------0------------------------------------------------- ----------0--2--3-----2---------------------------------------------- -0--2--3------------------------------------------------------------- [Slide] Em Em Em Em Em Em ----------0----------------0----------------------------------------- ----------0----------------0----------------------------------------- ----------0----------------0----------------------------------------- ----------2-slide----------2-slide----------------------------------- ----------2----------------2----------------------------------------- ----------0----------------0----------------------------------------- Bm E--2---- B--3---- G--4---- D--4---- A--2---- E--2----

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tablature heart of stone europe

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