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Format : Final countdown album, Europe
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Final countdown album, Europe

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: "Sergiu Partenie" <> Subject: ./e/europe/final_countdown_album.lyr @ALBUM: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN Peformed by EUROPE All songs written by Joey Tempest except "Carrie" written by Joey tempest and Mic Michaeli Copyright 1986 by Seven Doors Music/EMI Music Publishing (Sweden) Produced by Kevin Elson for Elson Music Vision Inc. Lyrics as they appear in the insert on the 12" LP. (c) 1986 CBS Inc. (p) 1986 CBS Inc. if someone has some TAB's for Europe's songs, please e-mail them to ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contents The Final Countdown Rock The Night Carrie Danger On The Track Ninja Cherokee Time Has Come Heart Of Stone On The Loose Love Chaser ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @SONG: The Final Countdown We're leaving together, But still it's farewell And maybe we'll come back, To earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame We're leaving ground Will things ever be the same again? It's the final countdown... We're heading for Venus and still we stand tall Cause maybe they've seen us and welcome us all With so many light years to go and things to be found I'm sure that we'll all miss her so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @SONG: Rock The Night I've gone through changes I've gone through pain But there's not enough reason for me to go insane I know the feeling, when it grows I'm in a rage up from my head down to my toes. You know it ain't easy Running out of thrills You know it ain't easy When you don't know what you want. Rock now, rock the night 'Til early in the morning light Rock now, rock the night You'd better believe it's right. I know my limit Just what it takes When things ain't good enough I just pull the brake Sometimes it's easy Sometimes so tough But just have one thing clear I can't get enough. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @SONG: Carrie When light goes down, I see no reason For you to cry. We've been through this before In every time, in every season, God knows I've tried So please don't ask for more. Can't you see it in my eyes This might be our last goodbye Carrie, Carrie, things they change my friend Carrie, Carrie, maybe we'll meet again I read your mind, with no intentions Of being unkind, I wish I could explain It all takes time, a whole lot of patience If it's a crime, how come I feel no pain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @SONG: Danger On The Track I was heading for the mountains I had saved so much for you And in the town I left behind me There was nothing left to do. I knew that you were waiting For me to share your life Cause I told you when I left, that When I come back you'll be my wife. But someone was waiting In the shadows of the night Someone was waiting It just didn't feel right. Danger on the track Something told me there were Strangers on my back And I was so right. Maybe I should surrender Maybe I should give it up But the strength I had inside Told me you can never stop. The men wanted to break me Steal and bring me down But I fought for you and later They were lying on the ground. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @SONG: Ninja Tell me the story, tell me the legend Tell me the tales of war Tell me just one time, What it was like before Bring me the feeling, right in that moment When a heart for battle cries Find me the treasure where the legend lies. If I were a noble ancient knight I'd stand by jour side to rule and fight It will always feel the same When I call out your name. Ninja survive, in dreams I walk by your side Ninja survive, with you there's no need to hide. A handful of sayings are more than a reason For me to feel this way I'd like to be near you Maybe for just one day So tell me the legend, tell me the story Tell me the tales of war Tell me just one time What it was like before. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @SONG: Cherokee They lived in peace, not long ago A mighty Indian tribe But the winds of change, Made them realize, that the promises were lies. The white man's greed, in search of gold Made the nation bleed They lost their faith And now they hade to learn There was no place to return Nowhere they could turn. Cherokee - marching on the trail of tears. They were driven hard, across the plains And walked for many moons Cause the winds of change, Had made them realize, that the promises were lies. So much to bear, all that pain Left them in despair They lost their faith And now they hade to learn There was no place to return Nowhere they could turn. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @SONG: Time Has Come Long for the sailor, beneath the skies Long for the white dove, no matter where she flies Long for the stranger you know so well. Pray for the soldier, who's wounded bad Pray for the dreamer, he's still so sad Pray for the stranger you know so well. Cause I'm coming home. Now the time has come For me to come back home. Long for the eagle, on wings so strong Long for the hunter, he won't be long Long for the stranger you know so well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @SONG: Heart Of Stone I've told you once and I've told you twice Wait for that day, when our love will rise To that song that brought our hearts together. Even though you're mistreating me I know the girl that you used to be For me those days were meant to last forever. Time after time I'm wondering why Am I to be all alone Day after day I pray that you'll stay Cause you've got a heart of stone. I walk the streets like a broken man Oh I wish that you would understand Even though you're still the one I wait for. I guess in love there's no guarantee Sometimes it's not what it seems to be Even though you're still the one I care for. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @SONG: On The Loose Running out on the streets He lives from day to day Looking for someting to do He needs to get away. Hoping that maybe one day He could be someone Praying that maybe someday He could be number one. In his world of make believe He always tends to be On the loose, so young, so tough, so wild On the loose, again. Dreaming, dreaming about All the things he'd like to do Trying, trying so hard To make it all up to you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @SONG: Love Chaser Someone's at your door tonight Someone wants your love Is it real or just imagination You decide to wait inside 'til the break of dawn In dreams you see yourself seeking affection. He'll know just who you are He'll know just where you've been He'll know just what to do. Love chaser - If you look deep in his eyes Then you're in for a big surprise He can take your breath away There's nothing you can do or say. You can feel that someone's at your back You can hear his pounding heart But something tells you not to be afraid Cause even in the darkest night Someone's at your side But when morning comes it all starts to fade away. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- _____________________________________________________________________ ROIPB::IONESCUA Tel.++40-1-653-3210 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time. -- E. B. 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Broderick) Subject: Fourth Of July by Dave Alvin CRD Status: O Fourth Of July by Dave Alvin Dave Alvin, "Every Night About This Time", Demon Records, 1987 X, "See How We Are", Elektra, 1987 Intro: G Em G D Dsus4 C She's waiting for me when I get home from work C G Gsus4 But things just ain't the same G D Dsus4 C She turns out the light and cries in the dark C D Won't answer when I call her name (chorus) C D G E D C On the stairs I smoke a cigarette alone C D Dsus4 The Mexican kids are shooting fireworks below G Em Hey, baby, it's the Fourth of July G Em Hey, baby, it's the Fourth of July (same as first verse) She gives me her cheek when I want her lips And I don't have the strength to go On the lost side of town in a dark apartment We gave up trying so long ago (repeat chorus) C D E D C Whatever happened, I apologize C D So dry your tears and baby, walk outside D G It's the Fourth of July (repeat chorus)

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