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Format : Marble halls, Enya
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Marble halls, Enya

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: kharding@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Karol Harding) MARBLE HALLS/I DREAMT I DEWLT IN Recorded by Enya on Shepard Moon Originally written by Michael Balfe (1883) for the opera "Bohemian Girl; Balfe was a musical prodigy born in Dublin, Ireland. TAB VERSION: 3/4 (key of A) E|--0--0---5--4---|--0---4----2----|--0--2--0-------------| B|----------------|----------------|-----------2----------| G|----------------|----------------|----------------2-----| D|----------------|----------------|--------------2-------| A|-----0----------|----------------|--0--------0----------| E|----------------|--0-------------|----------------------| E|----0-----------|--0-------------|----------------| B|-2-----3-----0--|-----3-----2-0--|---------0------| G|---------3------|----------------|-2-----------1--| D|----------------|----------------|------------0---| A|----0--2--------|----------------|-0---------2----| E|----------------|--0-------------|---------0------| E|--0--0--2--7-5-5|--2--7---5---2--|--7---5--0------| B|----------------|----------------|---------2------| G|----------------|----------------|---------2------| D|--------0-------|-------------0--|----------------| A|--0-------------|-----7----------|---------0------| E|----------------|----------------|----------------| E|-0--0----0---2--|--2-4------5----|--4-----2---|-0--0--5--4--0--| B|------4---------|----------------|------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------|------------|----------------| D|----------------|--0-------------|--2---------|----------------| A|------2---------|----------------|------------|----0-----------| E|----------------|----------------|--0---------|-------------0--| but I also... E|--4--2--0---2-0-|------------|-0--------------|-0--------------| B|----------------|--2-----2---|----3-----------|----3-2-0-------| G|----------------|------------|-------3--4--0--|-----------2----| D|----------------|------------|----------------|-----------2----| A|--------0-------|--0---------|----2-----------|-0---------0----| E|----------------|------------|----------------|----------------| ***REPEAT ONCE: E|--0-0--2--7--5--|--0-0--2--7--5--|--4----2--------|-4----5-----| B|----------------|----------------|----------------|------5-----| G|----------------|----------------|----------------|------6-----| D|--2----0--------|-------1--------|--2-------------|-2----------| A|----------------|--0-------------|----------------|------7-----| E|----------------|----------------|----------------|------------| **************** E|-0--0--2--4--5--|--9--7----2-----|--4---------|--5-------------| B|----------------|----------------|------------|------5-----5---| G|----------------|-------------2--|------------|--6------6------| D|-------0--------|--7-------0-----|--2---------|----------------| A|-0--------------|----------------|------------|--7-------------| E|----------------|----------------|--------0---|----------------| FINAL ENDING: E|----------------|----------------|------------|---------| B|----------------|--2--0----------|------------|--2------| G|----------1--2--|----------------|----1-------|--2------| D|--2-2--4--------|--------4-------|------------|--2------| A|----------------|--------5-------|------------|--0------| E|----------0-----|----------------|----0-------|---------| "The original appears to be in key of Bf; if you love bar chords try this with bflat, F7, cminor instead. I have written it in the key of A for sanity. Enya does this with a simple pick: T234 T3 (or some variation thereof) VOCAL VERSION: (it's simple, but it works) -just pick the chords; this song is meant to show off vocal improvisation, and the very nice slides up to the higher notes. And don't spare the sentimentality; Remember valentine's day isn;t that far away! Time sig: feels like a 3/4 to me: A E7 A I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls E7 (bm) (E7) A with vassals and serfs by my side A E7 A And-of all those who assembled within those walls E7 (Bm) (E7) A that I was the hope and the pride. -------------------------------------------------------- **if picking ignore the optional chords; nice for strumming) A E7 Bm A I had riches too great to count E7 Bm E E7 and a high ancestral name ...... but A E7 A I also dreamt which pleased me most .....that E7 (Bm) A you loved me still the same. A Bm (A) E7 Bm A That you loved me.... you loved still the same; A Bm (A) E7 Bm A that you loved me ...you loved me still the same; A E7 (Bm) D E7 A that you loved me still.........the same.. ----------------------------------------------------------- vocal note: keep up the momentum, building on the last 4 lines; don't insert a rest between lines. ____________________________________________________________ ENDING TAB: ----------------------------------------------- -------------------2---0-----------2----------- -----------1--2----------------1---2------------ --2--2--4------------------4-------2------------ -------------------0-------0-------0----------- -----------0----------------------------------- Second verse: ------------- A E7 A I dreamt that suitors sought my hand E7 (bm) E7 A that knights upon bended knee A Eu A and with vows no maiden's heart could withstand E7 (bm) E7 A they pledged their faith to me. --------------------------------- A E7 Bm A And I dreamt that one of the noble host E7 Bm E E7 came forth my hand to claim.....But A E7 A .. I also dreamt which pleased me most....that Bm (A) Em Bm A you loved me , you loved me still the same........ A Bm (A) E7 Bm A that you loved me ...you loved me still the same; A E7 (Bm) D E7 A that you loved me still.........the same.. (REPeATS)

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