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Format : No more pain, Embrace
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Difficulté : 5/10

No more pain, Embrace

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: FillBlank@aol.com Date: Sun, 30 Jul 1995 12:11:34 -0400 NO MORE PAIN as written and performed by Embrace NOTE: I am aware that parts of this are not 100% right. This is will give you something to start from...you work from here. tune the guitar to low D (I'm not sure about the rythm, but you should be able to figure it out) VERSE: D---------------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------- F---------------------------------------------------------- C--------(single notes)------------------------------------ G--2-0-2-0-2---2---2--2----3---3--3----------------------------------- D--0-----------0---3---3------3----3------------------------------------ you just repeat that throughout the verse if you are a really pathetic giutar player and can't play that, you can just play this: D----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- F----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- C---(play each chord a bunch of times, figure out how many yourself)- G----2--------5--------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ D----0--------3--------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- PRE-CHORUS ("the purpose is within yourself...."part) D------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------ F------------------------------------------------------------ C------------------------------------------------------------ G---5------7------------------------------------------------ D---3------5------------------------------------------------ just play those chords over and over a few times, i don't know the rhythm CHORUS: D--------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------- F---7--6---------------------------------------------------- C----------9--7--------------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------------- you can also move that down an octave and play it in power chords... D------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------ F------------------------------------------------------------ C---7--6--------------------------------------------------- G---5--4---9---7------------------------------------------ D------------7---5------------------------------------------ that's pretty much it...here's the structure and lyrics: VERSE: No more lying down we've got to speak and move no more rightousness everything is far too wrong no more selfish tears you haven't paid for them no more dressing up please leave your costumes home no more looking down you might bump your head PRE-CHORUS: and the purpose is within yourself the movement is within yourself CHORUS: your emotions are nothing but politics (bunch of times) so get control your emotions are nothing but politics VERSE: no more alchohol it's a kool-aid substitute no more heroin death is not glamorous no more ruling class you're a bunch of silly kids (ha ha ha) no more image fight it's just a sucker punch it's just a sucker punch PRE-CHORUS: and hurt wastes your energy suffering wastes energy CHORUS: your emotions are nothing but politics (etc) so get control your emotions are nothing but politics VERSE: no more number one we've got to quit that game no more attitude give it back to the TV set, c'mon no more tough guy stance i hear your mommy call no more suicide it kills everyone no more petty love no more petty hate no more pettiness NO MORE PAIN

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tablature no more pain embrace

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