Tablature the world and hiswife

Elvis Costello
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Format : The world and hiswife, Elvis costello
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The world and hiswife, Elvis costello

# From: (William Vaughan) {t:The World and His Wife} {st:Elvis Costello} #From the "Punch the Clock" Ryko reissue Intro: [G] [G/F#] [Em] [D] [C] [G] [G]The family circle gathers round [G/F#]from v[Em]ery far and near To [D]pass around the [C]same remarks they [G]passed away last year The [G]little girl you dangled on [G/F#]your [Em]knee without mishap Stirs [D]something in your [C]memory and [G]something in your lap {c:Chorus:} The [Am]juniper berry has a [Em]very deadly kiss [Bb]I believe that something here is [D]very much amiss [G]But its a living [G/F#]and [Em]this is the life For the [D]world [C]and his [D]wife The world [C#]and his [F#m]wife The [Am]kissing cousins step outside to [Em]cuddle and confess [Bb]She says sweet nothing at all its [D]much more of a mess She says [G]our mother[G/F#] and [Em]someone elses father [D]Went for two weeks [C]holiday in [G]Taramasalata [G]Daddy went out with the [G/F#]rubbish [Em]and he kept on talking Be[D]tween Mum and the [C]walls god only [G]knows who does the talking {c:Chorus} (Verse 3 same as verse 2) The conversation melts like chocolate down our open jaws Through the loud appeal of laughter and the counting score drawers But later on in the evening through the tears and fol de rol Come the setimental feelings of the lure of vitriol Longing thoughts go hankering for the old home overseas With a blindfold and a national anthem sung in different keys {c:Chorus,(Except instead of C# and F#m, just play D and C and repeat again)}

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tablature the world and hiswife elvis costello

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