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Elvis Costello
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Format : Satellite, Elvis costello
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Satellite, Elvis costello

From: (Mark J. Schnitzius) Satellite from Spike tabbed by ah-HA! Pronoun trouble <> [intro] Em C#m A B E C#m She looked like she learned to dance B A >From a series of still pictures E C#m She's madly excited now B A She throws her hands up like a tulip G#7/B# B G#7/B# C#m F#7/A# B ----------- She looks like an illustration of a cocktail party | | 1 1 1 | | | | | | 2 | 3 | | | | G#m G#7/B# Where cartoon bubbles burst in the air C#m F#7/A# B A Champagne rolls off her tongue like a second language F#7/A# B E --x-------- And it should have been her biggest night | | 1 | | | | | | | 2 | 3 | | 3 | | A F# B B7/D# E The satellite looks down on her as she begins to cry B7/D# tacet C#m A ----------- All over the world at the very same time | | 1 | | | | | | 2 | 2 | | | | | | B B7/D# E People sharing the same sorrow C#m A As the satellite looks down B A B7 Her darkest hour is somebody's bright tomorrow E C#m B A He pulled on a cigarette in the crook of his first finger E C#m B A Felt the static electric charge of her perfect hourglass figure B G#7/B# C#m F#7/A# B As he undressed her with his eyes her weakness was his talent G#m G#7/B# C#m How could she know as she stepped through the lights F#7/A# B A That her dress would become transparent B E And with his face pressed to the screen A F# B B7/D# E He muttered words he'd never dare to say if she could see him tacet C#m A All over the world at the very same time B B7/D# E People sharing the same cheap sensation C# A The thrill of watching somebody watching B A B7 Those forbidden things we never mention [chorus] E C#m7 A B7 E The satellite looks down right now and forever C#m7 A B7 What it has pulled apart, let no man tether G#m F# F#m His own body to his dream, his dream to someone else B B7 Oh no, oh no E C#m B A She went back to her pitiful compromise, he'd go back to his family E C#m B A But for the matter of a thousand miles that separated them entirely B G#7/B# C#m F#7/A# B In the hot unloving spotlight with the secrets it arouses G#m G#7/B# C#m F#7/A# B A Now they both know what it's like inside a pornographer's trousers B E And in a funny way it's anonymous A F# B B7/D# E C#m The satellite, it blesses us and makes these dreams come true A C#m A All over the world at the very same time C#m All over the world [chorus] [last 2 chords are B7 and Dsus2, which is a regular D with the E open]

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