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Elvis Costello
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Format : New lace sleeves, Elvis costello
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New lace sleeves, Elvis costello

From Fri May 16 08:01:50 1997 Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 02:02:53 GMT From: michael p mccullough <> To:, Subject: TAB: New Lace Sleeves //// Elvis Costello Newsgroups:,, New Lace Sleeves Words & Music by: Elvis Costello >From the album: TRUST C Bad lovers face to face in the morning Am Shy apologies and polite regrets F Slow dances that left no warning of Dm Outraged glances and indiscreet yawning F G C Good manners and bad breath get you nowhere C Am Even presidents have newspaper lovers F Fm Ministers go crawling under covers C Am She's no angel C F He's no saint C Am F They're all covered up with white washed grease paint (alt: white washed newsprint) G And you say... CHORUS: C F G Am The teacher never told you anything but white lies Bb C/Bb But you never see the lies F/A Fm/Ab And you believe Bb/Ab C/G Oh you know you have been captured F Am/E You feel so civilized D F C And you look so pretty in your new lace sleeves C The salty lips of the socialite sisters Am With their continental fingers that have F never seen working blisters Dm Oh I know they've got their problems F G I wish I was one of them C Am They say daddy's coming home soon F Fm With his sergeant stripes and his Empire mug and spoon C Am No more fast buck C F And when are they gonna learn their lesson C Am F G When are they gonna stop all of these victory processions And you say... (Chorus) C Bb look so pretty in your new lace sleeves outro riff: (?) e--------------- B--------------- G--------------- D--------------- A--3-3-3-3-2-3-- E--------------- ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ michael p mccullough ++++ Klamath Falls OR # 1.541.884.3278 all moanday, tearsday, wailsday, thumpsday, frightday, shatterday (joyce/FW)

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new lace sleeves

Album : This Is Tomorrow (disc 1)

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The Very Best Of Elvis Costello

The Very Best Of Elvis Costello
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tablature new lace sleeves elvis costello

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