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Format : 2 to 1, Elastica
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2 to 1, Elastica

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From: "Matthew Ginn" <mginn@manitouwadge.Lakeheadu.Ca> Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 16:54:11 +0000 Subject: TAB: 2 to 1 by elastica 2:1 elastica (from the "elastica" album, also on "Trainspotting" soundtrack) tabbed here by Matthew Ginn (mginn@manitouwadge.lakeheadu.ca) 1997 09 24 This song uses mostly power chords. I haven't tried to note the strumming rhythms, because they're pretty variable, and mostly unimportant--just listen to the record--it's straight forward enough. (This song is played with two guitars, but I've tabbed the main parts for one. Some day, I'll tab out the other parts.) As for the lyrics: these are the best I could make them out. I didn't try to correlate the background vocals with the main lyrics in verse 2, just try to fit them in as you see fit. As usual, corrections are welcome. Chords used: C#: x466xx A: 577xxx B: 799xxx G#: 466xxx standard tuning INTRO: Percussion, then bass (G# & C#'s) then: C# A B G# G# VERSE 1: C# Keeping a brave face A in circumstances is impossible, cannot describe B so many ... decisions, G# C# it's impossible to know which is the proper order, A the best position to be ... in, B take advantage, or so it seems E---------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------------------------- D-------------6-6-6-----6-6-6-6-------6-6-----6-6---- A-------------6-6-6-----6-6-6-6-------6-6-----6-6---- E-------------4-4-4-----4-4-4-4-------4-4-----4-4---- the way it go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oes. INTERLUDE: E--------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------------- G------6--5--6--5--6--5----------------------------------------- D---6--6--6--6--6--6--6-----------4--6-----------4--6--6--4----- A---6--6--6--6--6--6--6--4--4--7-----------4--7--------------7-- E---4--4--4--4--4--4--4----------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------4--6-------- A---------3h-4--6--------3h-4--6--6--4p-3--4--4--7-------------- E---4--4--------------4----------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------------------------------- D---------4--6--6--4-------------------------------------------- A---4--7--------------7--------3h-4--6------6/7--7--7--6-------- E------------------------4--4----------------------------------- VERSE 2: MAIN LYRICS | BACKGROUND | C# | So it goes, at two to one, | (So just | A | in the dark, dark my friend, | get down on the other side. | B | strangers in my bed, | Too easy, for nobody to know. | [too busy to notice me? at all?] | turn my head, | You're soaking wet, | G# | again. | you talk too much, | it's not necessary.) | | C# | So he goes, | (Look for the eyes and mouth | | two in two, | I just want to say | A | looks content, | "This kid is yours, | | feels the mood, and then | your eyes and mouth." | B | fumbling 'round, | Somewhere | | tumbling down | I draw the line | G# | again. | like a gossip | already.) E------------------------ B------------------------ G------------------------ D---------6-6-----6-6---- A---------6-6-----6-6---- E---------4-4-----4-4---- CODA: (essentially the same as the interlude, concluding with a solid C#)

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