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Edwin Mccain
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Format : Solitude, Edwin mccain
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Solitude, Edwin mccain

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 02:31:51 -0400 From: jbcook <> Subject: m/mccain_edwin/ Song: "Solitude" Band: "Edwin McCain" Album: "Honor Among Thieves" Transcribed By: Jason Cook ( Chords: Asus2: e----------0------- B-------------0---- G------2----------- D----2------------- A--0--------------- E------------------ Esus: e----------0------- B-------------0---- G------2----------- D----0------------- A--2--------------- E------------------ Dsus: e-----0----0------- B----3------3------ G---2--------2----- D---0-------------- A------------------ E------------------ Esus/F#: e---------0-------- B------------0----- G------2--------2-- D----0------------- A-0---------------- E-2---------------- F#m: |244222| G: |355433| Asus2*:|002200| Dsus*: |000230| ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: [Asus2] [Esus] Tim he was a good friend [Dsus] Yea was a brother of mine [Asus2] [Esus] We were imaginary comic book superheroes [Dsus] Kids wasting time [Asus2] [Esus] We were prisoners of our youth [Dsus] We were growing up strong [Asus2] [Esus] 'Til the day he was taken away [Dsus] For something he did wrong.. Oh alright.. [Asus2] [Esus] Tim came 'round just the other day [Dsus] And boy he had some stories to tell [Asus2] [Esus] His mama kept him locked up in a rehab [Dsus] Although the doctors said he was well [Asus2] [Esus] He said yeah I been through the anger [Dsus] And the hatred towards my mom [Asus2] [Esus] And I put all that behind me [Dsus] Just tell me what was it like to go to your prom Chorus: [Asus2] [Esus] He said thank you mom for fixing [Esus/F#] My clouded broken mind [Asus2] [Esus] [Dsus] But excuse me if I seem a little rude [Asus2] [Esus] [Esus/F#] While I was missing my childhood, my brother and my prime [Dsus] You enjoyed the convenience of my solitude [F#m] [G] [Asus2*] Well growing up these days just ain't easy [F#m] [G] [Asus2*] And the kids they're doing the best that they can [F#m] [G] [Asus2*] So mama you better think twice [G] [Asus2*] Before you lock your kid up and throw away the key [F#m] [G] [Dsus*] 'Cause soon your little boy is gonna be a man (CHORUS) [Asus2] [Esus] Tim left town yesterday [Dsus] He left me with these words [Asus2] [Esus] [Dsus] He said yeah I know this life's got a lot to give [Asus2] [Esus] But my childhood is gone [Dsus] And I'm not afraid of dying [Asus2] [Esus] [Dsus] I'm gonna grab the world by the horns and learn how to live (CHORUS) END. _____________________________________________________________________________ Note: The breaks between each verse is just strumming: Asus2/Esus/Dsus Questions Comments/Questions/Requests: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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    Album : Honor Among Thieves

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    tablature solitude edwin mccain

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