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Format : I might just crack, Dub makers
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I might just crack, Dub makers

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE MAKERS - Howl - "I Just Might Crack" Tab written by: Michael Raven ( hello. this is the first song off the makers 'howl' album, and one of my favorite songs from them as well. play with low distortion, the makers rely on the intensity of their music for the energy that comes from it. sorry, i can't quite make out the lyrics, and the album came with none, so i've left the lyrics blank. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [verse]: (this is the same as the intro, and is played almost entirely throughout the entire song, except for during the chorus and the solo (although they may play it softly as a background during the guitar solo in the middle of the song) i play this entirely with 3 note bar chords, and i think that's what they do as well. play nice and loud and crazy.) A A / G <repeat throughout entire intro and all verses of the song> [chorus]: (this is played the same as the verse, 3 note bar chords, i know the lyrics to the chorus, so i put them in here so that it'll be a little bit easier to tell when to play what.) C <strum> why do you wanna push me when you B know that i Bb just G might A A / G / A A / G crack C <strum> why do you wanna push me when you B know that i Bb just G might A A / G / E / G / A A A / G / E / G crack <go directly into chorus and repeat> Note: the solo is mostly all bass guitar playing the above chords as the guitar plays its solo. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE MAKERS - Howl - "I Just Might Crack" Don Maker - "Aww, shut yer flap, ya *uckin' idiot! I hate you! Kill you!" Mike Maker - "We're really quite untalented, you know. I hate us." Tim Maker - "If I can touch just one solitary soul with my music -- preferably a blonde -- I'll be happy." John Maker - "If we ain't the most obnoxious hotrod loser you ever did see, I'll eat my toupee." Jay Maker - "No, really, where's my bottle?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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tablature I might just crack dub makers

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