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Duane Steele
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Format : Anita got married, Duane steele
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Anita got married, Duane steele

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 5/24/97; 4:41:45 AM From: Darragh Egan <> Subject: Anita Got Married by Duane Steele DUANE STEELE -- ANITA GOT MARRIED Written by Michael Clark/Jeff Stevens. 1996, Warner-Tamerlane Pub.Corp.(BMI), Flying Dutchman Music(BMI), Jeff Stevens Music(BMI). Transcribed from Duane Steele's, "P.O. Box 423" - 1996, Mercury/Polydor. This tab represents the way I play the intro to the song. It is not a note for note transcription of what's on the CD. If anyone has something better, please send it to me. | G G4 G G | C C C2 C | D D C C | G G4 G..... e|-3---3--3--3--|-0---------0--|------------------|-----------3---- B|-0---1--3--3--|-1---1--3--1--|-3--------1-------|------0h1--0---- G|-0---0--0--4--|-0---------0--|---2---2----0---0-|---0-------0---- D|--------------|-----------2--|-----0------------|-----------0---- A|--------------|-3---------3--|--------------3---|-----------2---- E|-3---3--3--3--|--------------|------------------|-3---------3---- * * * * * "" = strum. "*" = pluck the strings (ie. pick down with the thumb on the bass string, while at the same time picking up with the index, ring, and middle fingers on the treble strings). During the verses, I like to alternate between a standard G chord (320003) and a barred G chord (355433) - eg. standard on first line, barred on second line. INTRO: above tab - pause - then: G D G D G D A little street that don't walk the same G D A coffee shop that used to call my name C Am7 A rusty old swing set, C D In the park where we first met G D Seems everything is falling down G C Don't look the same since she left town C C Am7 D And I can't take seeing old mistakes one more day CHORUS: G D I'm packin' up. G D I'm pullin' out. C G I'm gonna grab what's left of my heart D D And go where it takes me. G D I'm cuttin' loose. G D I've gotta move. C D Cause this ain't my town no more G D G D Since Anita got married. We planned a house up on that hill. I had a job waiting at the mill. Someday a yard full of children, That's all we talked about, but then One day she just started to cry; Said she was sorry, then she said goodbye. I guess it's time I let go of what's already gone. [REPEAT CHORUS] BREAK: C G D D C C Everywhere I look, I still see her; Am7 D D[stop] I can't take it no more. CHORUS: NC - G D I'm packin' up. G D I'm pullin' out. C G I'm gonna grab what's left of my heart D D And go where it takes me. G D I'm cuttin' loose. G D I've gotta move. C D Cause this ain't my town no more G D Since Anita got married; G D G... Since Anita got married. Please send any comments, questions, or corrections for this transcription to Darragh Egan <>.

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tablature anita got married duane steele

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