Tablature straight to hell

Drivin And Cryin
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Format : Straight to hell, Drivin and cryin
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Straight to hell, Drivin and cryin

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: schatzle@navo.navy.mil (Andrew Schatzle) Subject: Drivin' & Cryin' Straight To Hell Here is Straight To Hell by Drivin' & Cryin'. Its real simple but fun, just G D C. Andrew Schatzle schatzle@pops.navo.navy.mil Straight to Hell Drivin' & Cryin' INTRO ----- e ||------------| B ||------------| G ||------------| D ||------------| A ||--0--2--3---| E ||------------| G I grew up just west of the tracks D C holding me to hold you back, around your door she's calling out my name G D She said son won't you go outside, I've got a man coming over tonight C the seventh one in seven days G So I walk on down to the parking lot, D C hang around with all my friends, and roam the streets til dawn breaks again G D I come in at five a.m. and she is waiting for me C She said where have you been, I said I was out, G D C She said you're no good cause you're running without love CHORUS G Cause I'm going straight to hell D Just like my momma said C I'm going straight to hell G I'm going straight to hell D Just like my momma said C I'm going straight to hell The black widow and the ladies man Met down at the laundrmat and tried to make me understand The neighbors were all in a stir about what they might have heard and running down and shouted out it seemed Next door a girl she lives about the same age as me and asked me to come upstairs for a see Just then her mother burst in said your that son of a bitch in the wind Get out of my house and hit the road and I kept fallin like a Rolling Stones song CHORUS The stars came out and warned me so As I walked on down the road Fifty bucks and a suitcase steered me clear She took my hand as we walked into the sun A new days promise had begun We'll make it alone whether you like it or not I turned around and shouted help me mother CHORUS

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tablature straight to hell DRIVIN AND CRYIN

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