Tablature afraid to dance

Don Ross
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Format : Afraid to dance, Don ross
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Difficulté : 5/10
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Afraid to dance, Don ross

From Sun Sep 17 14:57:38 PDT 1995 Article: 46725 of Path:!!!agate!!!!!!!!gashw From: () Newsgroups: Subject: TAB: Afraid To Dance - Don Ross Date: 17 Sep 1995 08:58:24 GMT Organization: Environment Canada, (AES), Bedford, NS Distribution: na Message-ID: <43gnvg$> NNTP-Posting-Host: Status: O This is kind of an elaborate test to see if this will make it onto the newsgroup. Better than test test test. ~8^) This piece is not for the faint-at-heart. The intro and extro are mildly abusive. I love it nonetheless. The fifth string (normally A) tunes *up* to a B. I find the pitch not too difficult to achieve (wincing sure helps). The main body of the song is "roadmapped". Hopefully, it's not too hard to follow. It cuts down on pages and pages of TAB - just play the section indicated by the map. The intro and extro were added as an afterthought. My respects to Don, and apologies for mutilating his creation. Any questions, comments, or corrections would be well received. Enjoy. Warren Gash (snip) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Afraid To Dance - Don Ross Transcription - Warren Gash ( Tuning - EBDEBE Keycode - (letter) - section name (number) - harmonic h - hammer on p - pull off > - slide Roadmap - Addendum A,B,A,B,C,B A,B,A,B,C,B,C,B D,B,D,E,C,B,C,B A,B,A,B,C,B,C,B Addendum + End (A) |---7-h10--7--3-p0------------5p3p0h3p0--0---0------0--0---------(12)-| |---7------7--3-p0------------5p3p0h3p0--0---0--0-h2-h3----------(12)-| |---7------7--3-p0------------5p3p0h3p0--0h3p0------0--0------(12)----| |-----------------------------------------------------------(12)------| |-0----------------0-h3-h5-p0-------------h3p0--0-h2-h3---------------| |-0----------------0-h3-h5-p0-----------------------------0-----------| (B) |-------------2-2p0------0--------------0-0-| |-------------2-2p0------0--------------0-0-| |---------0---2-2p0------0----------0---0-0-| |----------0-----------0-------------0------| |-0-h2-h3-------------------0-h2-h3---------| |--------------------0----------------------| (C) |----------(12)----------00-----0---------0----------------(12)-| |------(12)(12)(12)---3--33--0h2--2----2h3-----0-----------(12)-| |------(12)----(12)---2--22--0----0-0--0-------0--5--2>3---(12)-| |---------------------5--55------------------------------0------| |-------------------0------------------0------------------------| |-3->8-----------------------5----5--------h5-h3--2--0----------| (D) |-0--15>16-17-15-16-------------(12)--12-10----------------------0-| |-0--14>15-15-14-15-------------(12)--12-10-12-11p10-----5-------0-| |-0--15>16-17-15-16-------------(12)--12-10-12-11p10----5-5------0-| |-------------------------------------------12-11p10---6-------0---| |--------------------0h14-15-15-----------------------5------------| |----0----0--0--0--------------------------------------------0-----| (E) |-------------------------0--------------0-| |------------------9------0--------------0-| |---------0-------9-------0----------0---0-| |----------0-----9------0-------------0----| |-0-h2-h3----9h10------------0-h2-h3-------| |---------------------0--------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDENDUM (INTRO and EXTRO) Two-handed tapping: Left hand slap harmonic of seventh fret on skip beats. Right hand slap harmonic of twelfth fret on beats. (I prefer to alternate between middle and index fingers) * denotes emphasis |------(7)------(7)------(7)------(7)-------(7)------(7)------(7)------| |------(7)------(7)------(7)------(7)-------(7)------(7)------(7)------| |------(7)------(7)-(12)-(7)------(7)-(12)--(7)------(7)-(12)-(7)------| |------(7)-(12)-(7)-(12)-(7)-(12)-(7)-(12)--(7)-(12)-(7)-(12)-(7)-(12)-| |-(12)-----(12)--------------(12)-------(12)----(12)--------------(12)-| |-(12)----------------------------------(12)---------------------------| * * * |------(7)------(7)------(7)------(7)---------------------------| |------(7)------(7)------(7)------(7)---------------------------| |------(7)------(7)-(12)-(7)------(7)---------------------------| Repeat |------(7)-(12)-(7)-(12)-(7)-(12)-(7)---------------------------| x 4 |-(12)-----(12)--------------(12)-----(12)-h3--(12)-h5--(12)-h7-| |-(12)--------------------------------(12)-h3--(12)-h5--(12)-h7-| * * Very end; As hard as you dare: |-h(12)-| |-h(12)-| |-h(12)-| Let ring; Open notes, |-h(12)-| harmonics, et al. |-h(12)-| |-h(12)-| END

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    afraid to dance

    Album : This Dragon Won't Sleep

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    tablature afraid to dance don ross

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