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Storybook love, Scuba divers

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: liu-edward@cs.yale.edu (Edward Liu) Well, after a night of watching the movie again to get to the credits (hate it when that happens :-), here it is -- my first official tab posting. The title of the song is "Storybook Love," written and performed by Willy DeVille. This is my first "tabbed and chorded" song, so be merciful if I'm off in some places. STORYBOOK LOVE written by Willy DeVille tabbed by Edward C. Liu (first the instrumental part) (Notation: 1==S==>3 == Slide up from fret 1 to fret 3 E-----0-----0-----1--1==S==>3--0---------0-----0-------------0-------- B--------3-----1----------------------------3-----1--3----3-----3--1-- G--0----------------------------------0------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------- E--0--0--0--0-----1--1==S==>3--0--------0-----0----------------------- B--------------1---------------------------3-----1--3--1--1----------- G------------------------------------0-------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------- E--5--5--5--5-----6--6--6==S==>8--5------------5--5--5------------------5--5-- B--------------6--------------------8-6-----------------6--6==S==>8--8-------- G-----------------------------------------(5)--------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------------------- E--5--5--5--5-----6--6--6--5-----------3------------3--5--0--0-------- B--------------6-------------8-6----------3--3------------------------ G--------------------------------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------- (Repeat this part 2 times:) E-----2--2--2-----3--3--5--2-----2--0--2-----0------------------------ B--------------3--------------------------3-----3--3------------------ G--2--------------------------2--------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the part with words, with chords. The chords for the chorus part are kind of strange, and I'm not sure I have them right, so anybody who can either name the chords better or give me better ones to use will receive my undying gratitude :-). D G D Come my love, I'll tell you a tale, D A7 D Of a boy and girl, and their Love Story. D G D And how he loved her, oh so much, D A7 D And all the charms she did possess. (use same chords as above:) Now this did happen once upon a time, When things were not so complex. And how he worshipped the ground she walked, And when he looked in her eyes, he became obsessed. (chorus) B C G* B My love is like a storybook story, B G A B But it's as real as the feelings I feel. B C G* B My love is like a storybook story, B G A B But it's as real as the feelings I feel. B G A G But it's as real as the feelings I feel. (the rest is the same as above): (He said) "Don't you know I love you oh so much, Lay my heart at the foot of your dress." (She said) "Don't you know that Storybook Loves Always have a happy ending." Then he swooped her up, just like in the books, And on his stallion, they rode away. (chorus) Here are the chord formations that I use. Note that the "G*" chord is just a smaller version of the barred G chord at the 10th fret. A: A7: B: C: D: ---5--- ---0--- ---7--- ---8--- ---2--- ---5--- ---2--- ---8--- ---8--- ---3--- ---5--- ---0--- ---7--- ---8--- ---2--- ------- ---2--- ------- ------- ---0--- ------- ---0--- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- G: G*: ---3--- ---10--- ---0--- ---10--- ---0--- ---10--- ---0--- ---12--- ---2--- -------- ---3--- -------- The instrumental is actually a bit off -- sometimes Mark Knopfler decides to be creative, but that's OK 'cuz I do too :-). Corrections, additions, or whatever are welcomed. From: corey.sklenicka@granite.mn.org (Corey Sklenicka) Subject: Princess Bride I noticed a couple of people asking for TAB of the theme for Princess Bride. I wore out my tape awhile ago, but here is what I remember of the accoustic part. It's not exact by any means, but should be fairly close. SECTION A sl slowly e:0--0--0-----1--1--1/3-0-----------------0-----0-----------------0-------4--| B:---------1------------------------1--------1-----1--3-----3--------3--1----| G:-------------------------------0-----------------------0-----0-------------| D:----------------------------2----------------------------------------------| A:-------------------------3-----------3-------------------------------------| E:---------------------------------------------------------------------------| quickly SECTION B e:---0--0--0--0-----1--1/3--0-----0-----0-----0-----------------------5-----5| B:---------------1---------------1---1-----1-----1--3--3--1--3--5--6-----6---| G:------------------------------0----------------------------------5----6----| D:-----------------------------2---------------------------------------------| A:3---------------------------3----------------------------------------------| E:---------------------------------------------------------------------------| h quickly e:--5-----6--6-----5-----------5-----5----------5--------5-----5--5-----6--6-| B:-----6--------6-----8--6---6----6-----6--6-8--------6-----6--------6-------| G:---------------------------5-----------4-----------5-----------------------| D:--------------------------------------------------7------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------------8-------------------------| E:---------------------------------------------------------------------------| SECTION C (same as B, 3 frets low e:----5-----------5-----5-------------------2-----2-----3--3-----2-----------| B:-6-----8--6--6-----6-----6--8--8-----10--3---3-----3--------3-----5--3-----| G:-------------5--------------------7----------------------------------------| D:---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A:---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E:---------------------------------------------------------------------------| er) e:-----------10---| B:-----------10---| G:-----------11---| D:-----------12---| A:-----------12---| E:-----------10---|

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tablature storybook love scuba divers

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