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Dinosaur Jr
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Format : Quest, Dinosaur jr
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Quest, Dinosaur jr

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Received: from animal-farm.nevada.edu by redrock.nevada.edu (5.65c/M1.4) with SMTP id <AA11129> Tue, 13 Apr 1993 08:15:46 -0700 Received: from ns1.CC.Lehigh.EDU by animal-farm.nevada.edu id <AA12346@animal-farm.nevada.edu> Tue, 13 Apr 1993 08:15:42 -0700 Received: by ns1.CC.Lehigh.EDU id AA110715 (5.65c/IDA-1.4.4 for jamesb@nevada.edu); Tue, 13 Apr 1993 10:55:05 -0400 Message-Id: <199304131455.AA110715@ns1.CC.Lehigh.EDU> Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1993 10:54:48 EDT From: deh1@Lehigh.EDU (Darrel Herbst) Subject: Dinosaur Jr. Song: Quest To: jamesb@animal-farm.nevada.edu Well, here's my best shot at Dinosaur Jr.'s song "Quest". It can be found on the new single to "Get me", and off their older record: Dinosaur released on Homestead Records. Any comments, please mail me: deh1@lehigh.edu, and if you have ANY Dinosaur Jr. or Lemonheads tab/chords please send them. I'm gonna try to put up a couple of Lemonheads songs this week also, Confetti and Ride with Me. "Quest" E G D C Turning toward a time so free E G D C the justice has finally escaped E G D C dripping words of yesterday E G D C set my feeble mind astray. GBARR E (X2) C Am Cm Cbm Yearn and see the glow of her eyes as I appear sigh of satisfaction gave the seetest sound. The staircase has one too many steps, I've already started back down. G G E G (x3) E G D C Love the catapillars munchin' on the leaves, pitter patter makes me forget my disease. Bugs have feelers just like me, when I'm feeling oh so lonely. D G (X2) Dbarr Bbarr Disturbin' every sense of grace the lady wouldn't give me a taste. The joy leaves me that much, it lives inside her touch. G E D (X2) E G D C Why won't you be my friend? I would love to hold you tonight even if just for pretend. E G D C Why won't you be my friend? (x3) C Am D C Love to meet the one who broke my heart, I know she'd melt me with her dance, subtle color, such a sweet smell, it's a shame she'll never get that chance.

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tablature quest dinosaur jr

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