Tablature out of the blue

David Gilmour
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Format : Out of the blue, David gilmour
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Out of the blue, David gilmour

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 21:40:34 -0500 From: Michael Uzquiano <> Subject: TAB: "Out of the Blue" by David Gilmour Out of the Blue - by David Gilmour Tabbed by Michael Uzquiano from the "About Face" solo album. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first attempt at tabbing a song, so please excuse any mistakes that I may have made. Gilmour does a wonderful job with this song - quite a lot of keyboard fillers and synthesization is used to create the musical effect, but I've provided the chord changes, so it should be pretty easy to piece together and play on either piano or guitar. Note: I put the chords above the word to play on. However, since the song is slow tempo, you'll have to hear the song to know where to play the chord inside of the lyric. ----- Verse ----- Bb F Out of the blue, Bb F On the wings of a dove, Bb F A messenger comes, C with the beating of drums, Bb it's not a message of love Bb F Our children are born, Bb F and we keep them warm, Bb F they must have the right C to live in the light, Bb to be safe from the storm. Bb F And out of the blue, Bb F with wings on his heels, Bb F a messenger comes, C bearing regrets Bb for the time that he steals. Bb F But steal it he will, Bb F my children's and mine, Bb F against our desires, C against all our needs, Bb our blood spilled like wine. ------ Chorus ------ Dm Dm C Bb Over and over we call, Dm No one hears... and further C Bb F and further and further we fall... Dm C Bb Though we brave it, we soon will have wait Dm C It is clear that it's no dream at all, Bb F our lives are at stake. Bb C ----- Verse ----- Bb F I cannot believe... Bb F nor even pretend... Bb F that the thunder I hear, C will just disappear, Bb and the nightmare will end. Bb F So hold back the fire, Bb F because this much is true, Bb F when all's said and done, C then ending will come, Bb from out of the blue. F Bb F C --------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>>>>>>>> Michael Uzquiano - <<<<<<<<<<< >> Any questions, errors, concerns, Pink Floyd or David Gilmour talk, << >> send me some email. I'll be working on tabbing Cruise next, also from << >> Gilmour's terrific About Face album. See ya'll later. << --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --=====================_823412456==_--

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tablature out of the blue david gilmour

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