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David Coverdale
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Format : Take a look at yourself, David coverdale
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Take a look at yourself, David coverdale

From Mon Apr 18 16:52:57 1994 Path:!ieunet!!!!panix!!!caen!holladay From: (matthew m. holladay) Newsgroups: Subject: TAB: Coverdale/Page - 'Take a Look at Yourself' Date: 16 Apr 1994 21:32:17 GMT Organization: University of Michigan Engineering, Ann Arbor Lines: 129 Distribution: world Message-ID: <> NNTP-Posting-Host: Well, someone requested this song the other day, so I figured I'd sit down and learn the damn thing. (BTW, thanks for the origional chord progression.) As for how many times to play each part, listen to the recording. This is taking far to long as is, and I don't have the time to tab out every measure. Just listen for phrases that sound familiar and string them together. Coverdale/Page - Take a Look at Yourself E-|-------------------------------| B-|--9--------4------5--7--9------| G-|--9--slide-4------5--7--9------| D-|--9--------4------6--7--9------| A-|--7--------2------7--5--7------| E-|-------------------------------| E-|--7-7-7---------------------7-7-7----------------| B-|--9-9-9---7----5-5-5---9----9-9-9---7---5-7---9--| G-|--9-9-9---9----6-6-6---9----9-9-9---9---6-8---9--| D-|----------9----7-7-7---9------------9---7-9---9--| A-|-------------------------------------------------| E-|-------------------------------------------------| E-|--4-4-4---2----0-0-0---4----0---2---4-----5---2---0--| B-|--5-5-5---4----2-2-2---5----0---2---4-----5---2---0--| G-|--6-6-6---4----2-2-2---4----1---2---5-----6---2---1--| D-|-----------------------------------------------------| A-|-----------------------------------------------------| E-|-----------------------------------------------------| E-|------------------------------------| B-|------------------------------------| G-|----------------4---2-2----4---2-2--| D-|--2---4---6-----4---2-2----4---2-2--| A-|--2---4---6-----2---0-0----2---0-0--| E-|--0---2---4-------------------------| E-|-5-------2-0-----| After the last B-|---2-------------| A in each of the G-|-----2-----------| above ABB sequences D-|-------2---------| play this: A-|-----------------| E-|-----------------| Then go on to one of the signature phrases of the song: E-|------------------|-0-----------|------------------|-0-----------| B-|--9---------2-----|---2-----2-0-|--9---------2-----|---2-----0---| G-|--9---------2-----|-----2-------|--9---------2-----|-----2-------| D-|--9--slide--2---2-|-------2-----|--9--slide--2---2-|-------2-----| A-|--7---------0-----|-------------|--7---------0-----|-------------| E-|------------------|-------------|------------------|-------------| E-|--------------------------------------0-----------| B-|------------------------------0-2-0-2---0-2-------| G-|------6-------------------------------------------| D-|--6-6-6----6-6-7----2-4-6---2---------------------| A-|--6-6-4----6-6-7----2-4-6-------------------------| E-|--4-4------4-4-5----0-2-4-------------------------| At other places, instead of ending with the picked notes, this phrase can also end with a descending series of power chords: A5, F#5, E5. Pretty much the rest of the song just mixes those phrases in different ways, and since it would take me a year to say specifically where everything goes, I'll let you figure that out. The really short chords in the middle of the song that get muted really fast after being struck I think have the following formations: E B A ====== ====== ====== Right offhand I don't xx999x xx987x xx765x remember the order, though. As for the solo near the end, I fear that I might be terribly butchering Page's beautiful solo, but here is a rough estimate of it: Solo: E-|----------------------------------------------------------------| B-|-------------------------------7s9----9s7--------------9p7------| G-|----------------------6-7s9---------------------9---9------9----| D-|-----9b11rb9--7--6---------9----------------6h9---9-------------| A-|-7--------------------------------------------------------------| E-|----------------------------------------------------------------| E-|----------------7----------------------7b9rb7------------------------| B-|---7--s9---10-----10p9---9-------9-10---------10-9----9-7b9rb7-------| G-|-9---------------------9----------------------------------------9----| D-|---------------------------------------------------------------------| A-|---------------------------------------------------------------------| E-|---------------------------------------------------------------------| E-|------------------------7----------------7-----------| B-|---7h9-10-9vvv-------------10-10------------10-10----| G-|-9---------------9-----------------------------------| D-|-------------------9---------------------------------| A-|-----------------------------------------------------| E-|-----------------------------------------------------| I hope that didn't suck too bad. Remember, as always, repeat the phrases as necessary. Good Luck! And (as always) questions, comments, corrections, and additions are very welcome. M Holladay ++++++++++++++++++++++++ PS - The next song from this album I want to tab in is 'Take me for a little while'. If anyone knows any of it, anything at all, beyond the intro, please email me. This is harder than hell as is... Thanx _________

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