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Dave Matthews Band
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Format : What would you say, Dave matthews band
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What would you say, Dave matthews band

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (daniel ari green) Subject: CRD: What Would You Say by Dave Matthews Band i added the lyrics to this wonderfully jammy song. The following is courtesy of Ben Sterling ( What Would You Say ------------------ Intro/Verse/Chorus ------------------ / = slide up A G / 1/2 bend e------------------------------------------| B------------4-5---------------------------| G------------------------4--6b--4----------| D------5--7-------7---5------------7--5----| A---0--------------------------------------| E-----------------5---3--------------------| up and down the puppies' hair fleas and ticks jump everywhere 'cause of original sin down the hill fell jack and jill and you came tumbling after 'cause of original sin Pre-Chorus ---------- F G A G F E F G A G / e--1---3-------3---1---0---1---3----------------------3-----| B--1---0---2---0---1---0---1---0------------4-5---2---0-----| G--2---0---2---0---2---1---2---0------------------2---0-----| D--3---0---2---0---3---2---3---0------5--7--------2---0-----| A--1---2---0---2---1---2---1---2---0--------------0---2-----| E--1---3-------3---1---0---1---3----------------------3-----| rip away the tears drink a hope to happy years and you may find a lifetime's passed you by Chorus ------ what would you say don't drop the big one if you a monkey on a string drop don't cut my lifeline if you a doggie on a chain don't bite the mailman what would you say Verse ----- i was there when the bear ate his head thought it was a candy everyone goes in the end knock knock on the door who's it for there's nobody in here look in the mirror my friend Pre-Chorus ---------- i don't understand at best and cannot speak for all the rest the morning's rise a lifetime's passed me by Verse ----- every dog has its day every day has its way of being forgotten mom--it's my birthday what would you say From: (David Sweet) Date: 7 Jun 1995 18:19:39 GMT What Would You Say? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Dave Matthews Band Tab by David Sweet Std. Tuning. / - slide up - slide down ^ - bend _ - tie/slur (#) - ghost note There are two guitars playing at the beginning of the song. This is the basic riff from the guitar in the left speaker. The right guitar is the same, but perhaps with more percussive noise. Also, the second time this riff is played it is a little different, but then reverts back to the original form for the rest of the song. Maybe it's just me, but the second version sounds like it's just a mistake. Verse: A9 A9/G v--C# bent up about 1/4 ---X--------0_-------------------------------|| ---X--------/5----5-------2-2^_2-------------|| ---X---4(0)------4--------------4-2--------*|| ---5-5------------5------------------2------*|| ---X--------------X--------------------------|| ---5------------5-5-----3--------------------|| Bridge: Here the meter switches to 3/4. The notation is supposed to resemble slash ryhthm notation. The chord forms are all standard 6th-string-root barre chords. F G Am G / / / / / | / / / / / | / / / / / | / / / / / | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ' --- --- | ' --- --- | ' --- --- | ' --- --- (back to 4/4) F E F G / / /__/ / / | / / /__/ / / | | | | | | | | | | | | | ' --- --- ' | ' --- --- ' The ending: I'll just give the chords since the rhythms are not consistent and the duration of each can easily heard on the recording: v--sometimes G ----(3)------------------------------------------------------------------- --3--2--2-2-4------------------------------------------------------------- --2--3--2-3-4------------------------------------------------------------- --2--2--2-2-4------------------------------------------------------------- --0--0--0-0-2------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------0-3_0-0-0-------------------------------------------------- ^-^------------These last two may not be right...

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tablature what would you say dave matthews band

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