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Dave Matthews Band
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Format : The dreaming tree, Dave matthews band
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The dreaming tree, Dave matthews band

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 18:07:14 -0400 From: Ken Dunnington <> Subject: m/matthews_dave_band/ Song: The Dreaming Tree Artist: Dave Matthews Band <> Album: Before These Crowded Streets Transcribed by: Ken Dunnington <> Notes: This is from the new DMB album 'Before These Crowded Streets'. If you haven't heard it yet, it's worth a listen, though very different from their other stuff. This is my first tab, so be gentle :) All comments/corrections/complaints are welcome at Chords used: I put both versions of the chords (where applicable) because I'm not sure which one is correct, but they both sound good. Verse chords: Dm: x00231 (or 577555) Am: x02210 (or 557765) These two are played during the main verses while Dave sings. The pattern is Dm/Dm/Am/Am for the whole verse. Bridge chords: D : x0023x A : x02220 (or 557775) G : 320033 (or 355733) F : 133211 Again, I put the alternative fingerings in parentheses because I'm not exactly sure which is right, though either way sounds fine to me. The pattern is A/G/F/D. Now for the tab: Intro Bridge [Repeat this part] e |--2--0h2-----2---------0h2-----2-----|--0h2-----2---------0h2-----2-----| B |-------------------------------------|----------------------------------| G |--2-------4-------2---------4-----2--|-------4-------2---------4-----2--| D |-------------------------------------|----------------------------------| A |-------------------------------------|----------------------------------| E |-------------------------------------|----------------------------------| [Verse 1]: These are all equal measures. The chords are strummed on the last word of each measure. Dm | Dm | Am Staning here | The old man said to me | "Long before these crowded streets Am | Dm | Dm Here stood my dreaming tree" | Below it he would sit | For hours at a time Am | Am | Dm Now progress takes away | What forever took to find | Now he's falling hard Dm | Am | Am He feels the falling dark | How he longs to be | Beneath his dreaming tree Dm | Dm | Am Conquered fear to climb | A moment froze in time | When the girl who first he kissed Am | Dm | Dm Promised him she'd be his | Remembered mother's words | There beneath the tree Am | Am | Dm "No matter what the world | You'll always be my baby" | Mommy come quick Dm | Am | Am The dreaming tree has died | The air is growing thick | A fear he cannot hide Dm The dreaming tree has died The song then goes into a part I don't dare try to tab - just strum the Am/Dm chords along with it and occasionally pick a note here and there along with what you hear. [Chorus]: Start off with an A A G | F | D Oh have you no pity | This thing I do | I do not deny it A | G | F All through this smile | As crooked as danger | I do not deny D | A | G I know in my mind | I would leave you now | If I had the strength to F | D | A I would leave you up | To your own devices | Will you not talk G | F | D A Can you take pity | I don't ask much | But won't you speak Please [Bridge] [Verse 2]: Dm | Dm | Am >From the start | She knew she had it made | Easy up 'til then Am | Dm | Dm For sure she'd make the grade | Adorers came in hordes | To lay down in her wake Am | Am | Dm She gave it all she had | But treasures slowly fade | Now she's falling hard Dm | Am | Am She feels the fall of dark | How did this fall apart | She drinks to fill it up Dm | Dm | Am A smile of sweetest flowers | Wilted so and soured | Black tears stain the cheeks Am | Dm | Dm That once were so admired | She thinks when she was small | There on her father's knee Am | Am | Dm How he had promised her | "You'll always be my baby" | "Daddy come quick Dm | Am | Am The dreaming tree has died | I can't find my way home | There is no place to hide Dm The dreaming tree has died" Back to the picking/strumming like before. [Chorus]: Again, start with an A A G Oh if I had the strength... [Bridge] [Out]: This follows the same pattern as the verse [Dm/Dm/Am/Am] Dm ... | Dm Take me back ... | Save me please Well, that's the song. Like I said, this is my first tab, so it's not perfect, and I welcome any feedback at! - Ken

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tablature the dreaming tree dave matthews band

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